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Black People Meet

Black people meet is a online dating site in U.S. It was founded in 2002 having headquarters in U.S. Black people meet online dating site provides a simple, safe and fun atmosphere which makes it easy to quickly view and contact thousands of black singles. Black people meet dating online site provide service such as setup photo albums, send message, live chat, post and browse pictures etc. Black people meet online dating site is the biggest dating online site in U.S. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Black People Meet service center is given above. The helpline of Black People Meet service center may or may not be toll free.
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Black People Meet Complaints and Reviews

Female ImageMs. Tracy Neldon Says Oct 29, 2014

I asked that my account number to be charged again. And, I was told that the 29 was the account will be closed and I see it's not. Do not bill my account again A.
Female ImageMs. Michelle Marks Says Oct 29, 2014

Please cancel my membership, do not renew please.
Female ImageMs. Juatina Temple Says Oct 24, 2014

I think the way you scam people into renewing their account is disgusting. I am going to write everyone possible because this is fraudulent. I had no intentions to renew my subscription, my automatic renewal was off and it immediately charged my credit card because the square came up while searching and the small close X is at the top right part of the box where you have to gingerly keep from clicking on the box. You do that on purpose and I want refund.
Female ImageMs. Ms Brown Says Oct 20, 2014

I set up my account to not auto renew. Every time I sign on a box is there asking if I want to renew I always say number. I am pretty sure I didn't click yes, but it renewed for six months at $49.46 and my current subscription still has two months left. Why would I renew with two months remaining. This is a scam. I am contacting my credit card company first thing in the morning to dispute this charges. I tried calling tonight, but it was too late. Also tried contacting BPM, but no answer. I do not want to renew. Please Help.
Female ImageMs. Angela Smoot Says Oct 12, 2014

I cannot connect to the website and i have paid for one month. can you please connect me back or refund my money? I am very frustrated.
Female ImageMs. Susan Smith Says Oct 11, 2014

I cannot login. My username was milkchocolate23. I changed it to prettywoman223. When i came back. I have been fined until i updated my apps. What do i need to do? So i do not loose anything.
Susan S.
Male ImageMr. Edward Lovette Says Oct 11, 2014

This is second time in a row that i ordered before one month on this site and you switched it to a six months deal. I am not interested in that six months deal. I am on a fix income and that much money will send me back. So please cancel this rude trick that this site plays on it's longterm customer,OK? Thank you. Edward F. Lovette.
Male ImageMr. Gary Posey Says Oct 09, 2014

My complaint is it says the site is free so i create a profile and cant do anything, but view pictures and make a profile other then that i have to pay so i am not understanding what is free because this is far from a free site. POF and OKC are free dating sites this is not. And from the list of complaints about charges and overcharging peoples account and not refunding wrong amounts i do not think i am too comfy with paying because i was going to try the 14. 99 month thing, but it says monthly meaning i am keep getting charged.
Female ImageMs. Carlene Osunmo Says Aug 08, 2014

I was trying to subscribe for the $10. 99/month subscription and they charged me $79. 00 i want to cancel immediately as a result. Thanks,.
Male ImageMr. Kelly Gale Says Jul 19, 2014

Please stop charging my debit card and refund last payment, i been Unsubscribed and canceled subscription from black people meet.
Male ImageMr. shanna Says Jul 03, 2014

Pertaining to a member who robbed me. Please call as soon as possible he still has an active profile.
Female ImageMs. J Says May 03, 2014

My profile and picture information is still on this site even though i went through the cancellation steps to remove it permanently under the account information. Please take my profile, picture, name and answers permanently off of your site immediately.

My safety is at risk. I need you to remove my photo, profile, and all information on this account permanently.
Male ImageMr. Dewitt Osby Says Nov 07, 2013

Hello BPM. My name is DeWitt osby and I have been a member for some time. I recently reviewed my account and saw that my account was coming due on the 6th of November I saw that w/o doing anything, my account would be renewed for 39.95. What I may have forgotten was that I cancelled the old credit card. I got a new card and number, but forgot to notify you about it. I will re subscribe for six mos @ 39.95 if that is acceptable to you.
Female ImageMs. karen jones Says Oct 14, 2013

I misunderstood the amount i thought it was 10.99 for for only six months, but it was 10.99 for every month for six months. I do not want that please refund money thanks God bless.
Female ImageMs. Tanya Dorsey Says Oct 09, 2013

I haven't been able together on the site for about a week
I need someone to call me at 5043393758
My Daughter paid my bill one for me once, and some how
You guy changed my email address to hers
My user name is Tudorsey
My correct email address is tudorsey@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. William HDixon Says Oct 02, 2013

I join your program and after thirty day you automatically deducted a six month fee of $120 or so dollars from my BSNL account for Black peoplemeet.com, but onstead you are providing with Ourtime a service that is prodominately caucasian women that I have mo interest in You need yo correct this I ammediately our you will be hearing from. my Lawyers,I attempted to retain my money and legally I am obligated to pay, but not for OURTIME, but BLACKPEOPLEMEET and you did receive paymemt
Female ImageMs. GLORYNI Says Sep 20, 2013

I hit the wrong button. I do not want to pay for six months. You won't allow me back in to change it. I wish to discontinue my services.
Male ImageMr. lamont Says Sep 15, 2013

I never subscribed to this service and was charged twice I need someone to call me as soon as possible to fix this I had my items stolen and would like a credit put back into my account is this something you can do or does my lawyer need to contact a representative of yours since we have reported this to the police and bank. I can be reached at 931-378-3427
Male ImageMr. donnell Says Sep 08, 2013

I canceled my account on August 30th 2013 and i am still being charged. Remimburse all charges that was taken from my account on September 7th 2013. I do not want a renewal, again this account was canceled originally on August 30th 2013. Any questions contact me at 410-903-2961.
Female ImageMs. VIOLET Says Sep 07, 2013

Female ImageMs. CarleB Says Sep 05, 2013

I will be calling the BBB on yall ass yall took my money and now I can not reach anyone and not receiving a response from anyone
Female ImageMs. Elayne48 is my Username Says Sep 03, 2013

I forgot my full email address and cant log back in please call me at 573 397 3079 I just paid my subscription to the site today...
Female ImageMs. Yolanda Says Sep 02, 2013

You said it was FREE and when I try to view my messages it says pay
.... Not understanding what is FREE... When I looked at my account it also said FREE, but again I cannot look at my messages. Please help understand what is free. Thank you please email back ASAP.
Female ImageMs. Jewel C Gregory Says Aug 30, 2013

I was charged over 69.00 for a membership when I only agreed to a 10.99 purchase. Need to know if the error will be corrected before I choose to contact the BBB or various other sites to inform of the immoral principals this social network has shown me in the last 24 hours.

Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.
Answer to Ms. mimi1
Female ImageMs. mimi1 Says Oct 24, 2014

I am having the same issue. They charged me $36 for something that was to be $12.
Female ImageMs. Ms Ellison Says Aug 17, 2013

I did not authorize use of my card for membership subscription to your dating site.Please cancel the subscription immediately. My bank has been notified to stop any payment from your site. Any further attempt to withdraw money from my account will resort to legal actions. Any further questions regarding this matter I can be contacted at 202 706-2836

Thank You
Ms. Ellison
Female ImageMs. Bluemothet51 Says Aug 15, 2013

I want to cancel my membership it not working out for me .Please call me 313-758-1173. Annette Burton. thank you.
Female ImageMs. lances8 Says Aug 11, 2013

i was only suppose to paid 22.00 dollar for three month. it's was a special you guys offers me. , but you got took 26.47 dollar and 11.00 dollar out of my account. saying 26.47 dollar was a processing fee. can you expain that to me please. that 7s is one the reason i do not like getting on your site. who to here from someone soon. Thank you lances8
Female ImageMs. Delois armstrong Says Aug 03, 2013

no sure what going on I heaven received any massage or any body look ed at my profied this week.not sure can you check what going on,
Female ImageMs. renee048 Says Aug 01, 2013

Hello can not go to my account because I forgot password and I no longer have that visa, so what do I do.
Female ImageMs. Claromanoora Emile Says Jul 27, 2013

I was charged more then I wanted to be charged I want my money back! I was charged 69.93 when I did not want that to be charged! I want my money back. You gave false information.
Female ImageMs. MSNATIVEHONEY1 Says Jul 24, 2013

I asked to have my profile deleted completely and its still there for others to view. I have met someone and I no longer wish to participate in the site. PLEASE REMOVE MY PROFILE ASAP. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Mzsugar Says Jul 14, 2013

I can not get my account to work I reset my pass word and I still can not
Get to my account can you help me with this
Female ImageMs. fluffylove1 Says Jul 14, 2013

I recently joined blackpeope meet. I have imported a pic from Facebook however, it has not been posted in five days, thereby wasting my time. Also, they are using old information ie user name from two years ago.
Female ImageMs. shayone57 Says Jul 07, 2013

I only subscribed for to this site and no longer want to be on this site please remove me..like i requested months ago..DO NOT charge me for any service.My first month onop this site after another amount was deducted unknown to me since your advertisement said different amount. I requested services to be cancelled after the 70 was deducted from account. That turned me off rite then and there..and a waste of my time and money.close my account and Do Not deduct any funds..
Screen name: shayone57
Male ImageMr. Michael Williamson Says Jun 30, 2013

Was I credited for the month of July? I wasn't tryna renew my account. Credit it back to my account. Thanks
Female ImageMs. silver02 Says Jun 24, 2013

i signed up for three month for about $10.00 and some change i was billed #66.63 i want to cancel my account and my money back. i had been calling with no answer. you took money out of my account i did not want you too. at first i was thinking that i hit the payment key more then once.i subscription for 3months i want y money back in my account ASAP. or i will be taking others matters towards you
Male ImageMr. aaronjh1990 Says Jun 22, 2013

I'd like to delete my profile. How do I do so??
Male ImageMr. USdocto Says Jun 19, 2013

What's up with the several hours of being unable to log on to BPM. Several hours is an unreasonable amount of time for your sight to be unavailable for paying members. We said get pro-rated refund
Male ImageMr. pedro castro Says Jun 16, 2013

that 's rediculous,you withdrawed more money then you supposed.
I only had the chance to enjoy this side just for a week and it was blocked and enable to comunicate with none of my contact any more .eoul you please fix the matter thank.
Male ImageMr. julio Says Jun 15, 2013

They took my money I was supposed to pay a one time fee of ten dollars they charged me 70
Female ImageMs. SpadeQueen Says Jun 14, 2013

Photos will not upload to be seen within the site
Female ImageMs. Billiejean wright Says Jun 13, 2013

Yes hello my name is Billiejean Wright I subscribe three monts ago. I paid the fee for one month only. For some reason you cite keeps billing me $ 14.99. Please do not let this happen again. I am no interested in reciving or sending messages please deactivate my page.
Female ImageMs. Erica McCray Says Jun 10, 2013

I only subscribed for one month and I was Charged again this month. Please stop charging my card! I have tried to call, but I was in hold for a long time...again please stop calling my phone
Female ImageMs. Stacyace Says Jun 10, 2013

Hello my name is Stacy you charged my credit card twice which it should only been $10.00 Dollars it charged me $89.00 and that's not what I want I would like to cancel it due to flase informations thanks you can contact me @ 203-809-2426 Thanks You
Male ImageMr. Bruster3 Says Jun 06, 2013

I would really appreciate it if you reverse your decision because as I admit to making a mistake your representatives also made mistakes. First no one told me 48 hrs did not include weekends and then I was told that in would be shut down with that 48hr period which it was not, but once I called upset about not receiving my refund you were able to shut it down in less then 24hrs. All the calls that were made during my attempt at a refund not once did anyone make it clear that 24hrs did not include weekends until today.
Female ImageMs. CoolPrincess 1207 Says May 31, 2013

Had nothing, but all kinds of problems on site. Was not informed about an automatic renewal. Card was billed 56.50 without knowledge. Continuous pop-ups to find out what contact message for an additional charge. Didn't like the contact selections. This is nothing, but a rip-off. Very dissatisfied with this site. This was a waste of time. Tried to get a refund, but was told that my renewal was extended to November Really, I will like to cancel get a refund. do not want to be compel to continue and credit back my card. My username is CoolPrincess 1207
Male ImageMr. La Marlo Anderson/ Annietta. Vinson Says May 13, 2013

Male ImageMrs. Scott Says May 09, 2013

Mrs. Scott

I can also be reached at prayerhelpsme@aol.com about my refund
Male ImageMrs. Scott Says May 09, 2013

I was charged $70.00 on my credit card instead of $11.00 for three months it said it was going to charge me. I would like a refund $59.00 or I can be reached at 5057022460

Mrs. Scott
Male ImageMr. tyroy1964 Says May 04, 2013

I renewed m subscription for three months when I only wanted one month. It was my error can you charge me for only one month credit back my account.
Male ImageMr. peanutm71 Says Apr 09, 2013

Hi, Ive been on the site blackpeoplemeet.com since 05'. I am currently on the monthly charge of $7.46. your site is saying my card has been denied this month, but my the card is active and money is available for the transaction to have taken place. I am now in upgrade status at a much higher rate. please help my to continue at the $7.46 charge or lesser for in the incovience. I'D like to maintain and keep my account. Please help? my screen name is peanutm71 thanks sincerly, M. Jones 4/8/13
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