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Bedoo is online dating website created in 2006. Vanessa Smith is Project Manager, Neil Bryant is Managing Director, Gloria Diez is Global Marketing Manager of the website. More than 200 employees are working in this company. It is the biggest online dating website in which user can meet new people. website is fast and more easily way for people to make friends. In Brazil, Badoo is known as 51st rank most famous site. According to Alexa Internet its International rank is 136th, According to Google it is 59th most visited site. Website provide service in 180 countries. People can upload photo in this website also. It is the free dating website where people can chat and make new friend.

Customer Support Of Badoo UK

Badoo UK is a thorough online dating web portal in United Kingdom and it has framed up solid customer care support system to brief up the customer grievances. To known more about Badoo UK, customers can contact on below enlisted numbers.
Official Contact Number for Customer Support Badoo UK
Phone Number: +44 20 7099 9939
Toll Free Contact Number for Support / Assistance
Phone Number: 6502824108

Services Empowered By Badoo UK

Badoo UK is one of the world's largest online dating web portal and by means of safe and most reliable tool to meet with the new friends in a confidential way. Badoo UK is primarily the most followed web portal in United kingdom and it was initiated in the year 2006 and its headquarters is located in Soho London, United Kingdom. Badoo UK is the most popular online dating service and it is keenly followed by its users throughout the world. Badoo UK is being operating in nearly 180 countries of world and its international rank is 136th. Badoo UK is prominent online dating web portal and it empowers various facilities for its customers such as:
  • Badoo UK is a high profile online dating web portal and to avail the benefits of the service, customer has to first complete the registration process.
  • After completing the registration process, customer can take the essence such as chat, uploading photos or videos.
  • Badoo UK is a confidential way to meet with the people and make them friends.
  • Badoo UK is prominent platform for the new beginners to match with their aspirations.
  • Badoo UK is mercurial platform for the young ones to find their matching opposite sex in a confidential way.
  • Badoo UK is exclusive free online dating web portal through which young generation can chat and make new friends in a very confidential approach with immense pleasure.

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Badoo Uk User Queries

Customer care male
Aldo AdamiNov 16, 2016

I tried to buy 100 credits for $1. 99 and i did, but then not sure what happened i saw that you also charged me $9. 99 for 550 credits, something i did NOT want. Please credit me my $9. 99. My name is aldo my email is

Customer care male
Damian TownsOct 14, 2016

I suspended my account two months ago now and keep getting charged £27. 99 a month that you DO NOT have permission to take. I would like a PHONE call or Email from you team regarding how to get my MONEY REFUNDED as you are basically stealing from me. This is my contact number 07393607498.

Customer care male
Stephen WarrenOct 10, 2016

This is a shocking site. How much money do i need to pay to be seen on badoo. Ive paid £8. 50 so far. And cant even phone badoo. My number is 07718954446 I am not paying anymore money. Paid enough already and for what Nothing.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 290095
JulianOct 07, 2016

Hi I've just made my 5th badoo account because you are not delivering my texts I've sent texts to my friends and they do not receive it I have paid already alot of money to raise popularity and to be seen and all that crap I start to believe its a scam why you are not deliverying my text. Its been like that for over 2weeks now.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 289466
Bogere PeterOct 04, 2016

Ref: request to stop deducting money from my Account

My name am peter Bogere i live in schiedam, i have acomplain about this company it takes money from accaount first i did not know why, but i later realised that its because i registered on a website called badoo
i immidiently deactivated my account and i hope it would stop, but it came to my notice that money is being deducted from my account again i take the money back, but still this company go a head to take it from my account. Would you please stop taking money from my account and please refund it back because am not amemebr of badoo anymore

Below is a referance screen shot of one of the transaction
Please check the attached copy


Customer care male
Barry GoutOct 03, 2016

What on earth do your company think they are doing are you scam merchants
hoping to get rich quick.

I have been unable to get into my badoo which until now I have always given you five stars. It appears many members are being denied access to their accounts and when giving their own mobile telephone numbers the verification process informs them that their number is wrong. I have notified you on numerous occasions I intend to call trading standards as well as the Fraud Squad unless you correct the fault immediately. Your Customer Service is sick. MY CORRECT NUMBER 07783074539.

Customer care female
Khalin NaharrSep 26, 2016

I have tried multiple times to use your application. I used to have it on my other iphone and it worked great Then my account was blocked, I never shared any nude photos or anything. I am transgender and I hope that this has nothing to do with the cancellation of my account, i really enjoyed the app and would love to use it again.

Customer care female
GloriaSep 04, 2016


Customer care male
Zahir UllahSep 02, 2016

Hello my name is Zahir Ullah I am not the person I use this website some one use my name and my email address and also they use my bank detail I also report to Santander bank and fraud department kindly refund my money back which bodoo take from my bank from last November 2015 I already speak with my bank its show £127. 88 pounds which is completely unauthorised transaction kindly refund me as soon as possible otherwise I am going to report against bodoo this is my mobile number
07480002272 please feel free to contact me
Zahir Ullah.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 282710
IngaAug 24, 2016

Hello, from mine account has been withdrawn several transactions. From social payments badoo Dublin ie. They been made from 16 till 18 of August. I have been informed my bank about it and open case for this transactions been made as a froud. Before I sign for badoo, I haven't been informed for any payment, as this site is free of charge. Unfortunately I have to sign out for this reason, being charged for it. I like to get answer how I been charged, more than 21 times not being using this badoo account.

Customer care female
Kim GregoryAug 05, 2016

The automatic renewal of subscriptions is a scam. It's designed to be underhanded. Badoo are happy to contact people after they have taken a renewal payment, but do not bother to contact them a day or two before to give them a fair chance of cancelling. The automatic renewal clause isnt obvious when you first sign up. And so people can be forgiven for thinking it was a one off payment. As i say badoo have the ability to contact customers re renewal as they do so after taking payment so no reason they couldnt play fair and remind customers before taking payment. Then when you complain to badoo they say no refunds given. Well if you gave custmers warning they wouldnt need to ask for refund. This is underhanded. Unethical and just annoys and alienates customers. Pointless and this fabled customer service number. It doesnt allow you to talk to anyone - the sites a scam.

Customer care female
Michelle BakerJul 27, 2016

I want to delete my account and am having difficulty. I have put in the password that i would normally use and it is not being accepted. I would not normally be on a site like this a work colleague asked me to contact and it has then led to 'dating'. I am completely not interested. Michelle Baker .

Customer care male
James FairfoulJul 12, 2016

I joined Badoo on 03/07/16 and joined for a week to be charged at £3. 50 for trial week. I then deleted my account two days later. I have however, received my credit card bill today 12/07/16 to find extra charges on my card taken on 03/07/16. Both charged state £20. 99 were taken from my card. Why is this and I do not want any further charges taken from my card as I have deleted my Badoo account. Kind Regards James Fairfoul .

Customer care male
Austine UwaifoJun 26, 2016


I am very surprised to note that my badoo account has been blocked without any notification or email informing me what has gone wrong. I paid some money yesterday through my phone number here in dubai, +971553153611. I will therefore want my account to be reopened for me. My email is

Customer care male
PooyaaJun 10, 2016

Dear badoo Team
My account has been blocked surprisingly while I have not had anything wrong or violently, I used to use your great website for many years and have found many friends here
Would be so thankful if you UNBLOCK my account to be in contact with my friends all over the world

Customer care male
DanielJun 07, 2016

Hello my name is Daniel and my BADOO account was disabled, i do not have a fake profile so i do not know why it was disabled can you please ENABLE it for me again ? my email Address: I am in malaysia and you can contact me on +601131946136

I will be happy if this account was enabled again because i need to chat with my friend and relatives


Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 264522
John TomlinsonMay 14, 2016

I never heard of or signed up for anything. yet i just found out you are charging my bank account $4. 50 per week i am calling my bank to stop the payments and i am demanding a complete refund. my phone number is 612-803-5784. my name is john tomlinson . i can be emailed at i need to hear back from you immediately. john tomlinson .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 264454
SamMay 14, 2016


Can not contact badoo on the phone regarding my complaint of taking 29$ with out my autorisation. This compagny as a VERY BAD customer relation. They known how to take money from they customer, but does not known how care and communicate live with them. (I have being sending email and email, but never get any response and responsability)

I do not advise to do business with this compagny and service. Cordially,
Sam .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 263062
Raymond CameronApr 27, 2016

I recently pressed a wrong button it goes automatically bought a super power award which cost me £27. 99. I informed them it was by mistake i did not want to buy. I informed them by email as this is the only way to contact them and asked them send my money back to my account, this to date has not happened their customer service leaves you thinking they do not care.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 259803
Maverick LesmanaMar 29, 2016

Dear cs, i would like to ask why my badoo account being blocked since few days ago without any notice to me?when i login from mobile app it said to check the email, but there were no email from badoo. Then i login from PC it said blocked. What happened? am i doing wrong?please your respond would be very appreciated. Username: maverick_endit81@hotmail.comregards.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 257812
Roger WalkerMar 13, 2016


I joined Badoo (Blendr) about a month ago and since then I have been plagued by fake women. They tell me that they live in Europe or the US, but it turns out that they are based in Ghana. Their profile photos -- of attractive white girls -- are inevitably stolen. I have challenged two or three of these imposters and they have confessed. However, one of the women )perhaps they are men for all I know) then sent me what she said was her real photo and it turned out to be that of a well-known American porn model. Please do something to stop these swamp rats. Thanks. ROGER WALKER.

Customer care male
Lee WinyardMar 08, 2016

Hi, Ive recently paid to use your service again and I must report I'm completely disappointed. Its nothing like it used to be and to be honest I wish I'd not parted with my cash. Its completely ruined. Cant chat to folk. Until I'm matched. ? Demanding more than my £28 already. I do not think so.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 255976
Dee DeeFeb 27, 2016

Hello please someone is using my profile to communicate with people with my facebook account attach to the profile and fortunately the person communicated with my wife and it been hell for me and there is nothing i could actually do to make myself clean of all this please i will appreciate it if this account can be blocked before further damage is done. Thanks.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 255521
RoyFeb 23, 2016

I cannot access on my laptop I tried to call you, but your helpdesk suggests using the website. Durrrr
hence sending the request here. Its obviously a setting on my laptop, but have looked everywhere and found nothing.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 255508
ArnoldFeb 23, 2016

Hi, I have an account by Arnold Onyali which I set up around 2011-2012 and do not operate anymore. Unfortunately I have lost the password for the account and also forgotten the email address for which I used to set up the account. I may guess it's either talk2Arnold 87@yahoo. Co. Uk and possibly the password could be Cobrax or something related to it. I humbly wish to have the account closed down and all my details including pictures withdrawn from it. You can reach me on my email is Hk
Thanks, .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 254903
RecaiFeb 17, 2016

I realised that Badoo service took my old first phone number, which was belong to other, from my facebook. I have changed my old number to new and correct one in my facebbok. But I could not enter into Badoo. Every time it demands me the old phone number. When I enter old phone number it sents me PIN that I can not received due to changing my phone number. Please if possible cancel my registration and I will try to open new one with correct my phone number or advice what should I do. Thanks in advance
Recai METIN.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 254894
Pawel GajekFeb 17, 2016

Hi, I have tried to get in touch with you for the past few days. I tried by phone and by email, but never got an answer. I just want to get my money back because when I activated my powers there were few paying options so I have chosen the pay monthly option, but instead you have taken £59. 00 away and now my powers are deactivated and you stole my money I would like to get my refund and then my badoo acount deleted. Or else I will take this to court I know it's silly for just 59. 99, but you can not do this to people.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 254485
Pawel GajekFeb 14, 2016

Hi, I have activated my super powers, but I agreed on paying £5 monthly, but instead you have taken £59. 00 away from my bank account numberw I've got deactivated superpowers, but still didn't get my refund. Please contact me as soon as possible
Email -

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 252375
Amanda BroxtonJan 26, 2016


I have been unable to log into my badoo account and the passowrd reset option will just lead me to a new profile. I had deleted my account some months ago. I think someone has possibly hacked my passowrd because my visible profile has been altered. More worrying is that strangers have been contacting me through facebook after chatting to someone pretending to be me on Badoo I've never used your chat I'm most certainly not after dates. Please can you send me an email link where I can Successfully enter a new password and access my settings to finally delete this Badoo account- with urgency
Or can you please delete my account from your end. This is very worrying and distressing. Thank you
Amanda Broxton .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 252170
Rashi AhujaJan 24, 2016

I, Rashi Ahuja , R/s Delhi NCR, do hereby inform you that the pictures posted on profile No 490884083 is mine and being used by the Profile Creator without my consent and it’s are intrusion in my personal life. The same is also crime under the Indian Cyber Crime Act. You are requested to provide the details of the profile creator on email ID and the contact details of the person. You are also requested to delete the profile under confirmation to me within next 24 hours. If the same is not done I shall be taking legal recourses available to me under the Indian Laws. I shall also be filing my complaint with the cybercrime of the jurisdiction. In case you need any further clarification you may reach me at my emailed
Rashi Ahuja .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 251975
Mark SouthgateJan 22, 2016

Why you still taking money from my bank when i agreed for one pay mint of
£8. 99, but you have not stop taking my money you have taken seven payments off i wood like them back and stop taking moor ?



Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 251619
Roy DysonJan 19, 2016

I need to make a complain as I have had three Paypal payments taken for 15 pounds and when I complain I didn't get refund and then you took all my credit of my account away and super powers. You really need to reply back to me as i am not happy at all
my number is 0033627550479.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 251249
Gino VellaJan 14, 2016

I have been using badoo for many years and I do not know why I was barred, please could you reinstate me as I have made many friends on badoo. My name is Gino Vella and my phone number is 07449947622 and I live in Great Britain. Kind regards.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 250142
Robert DixonJan 04, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I Want To Use My Badoo Account Today As I Want To Make A Very Serious Complaint About Badoo Very Wrongly Has Blocked My Account On Badoo?I Am Innicent I Have Complained To Badoo Last Year 2015 Twice About Women On Badoo Using Men For Sexual Pleasures And I've Given Badoo My Home Tel:01325 310663/My Mobile:07521426181?I Have Been Looking For A Special Girlfriend To Love And Be Loved Back In Return Leading To Marriage Later On Only. I Have Telephone Badoo Today On Tel:020 70999939, And I Have Left A Message And I Recorded My Message And I Asked Someone From Badoo To Phone Me Back Today. My Email Address Is:superbikes782004@yahoo. Co. Uk

Yours faithfully
The Victim Of Harrassment On Badoo Mr Robert Dixon .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 250050
Mark SouthgateJan 04, 2016

Why you taking more than one payment from me i only like two see whats it like it was only meant two be £8. 99 and you have taken four payment off £8. 99 not just the one i click on for. Can you stop this and pleas refund the three payments back to me please thank you.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 249921
HdJan 02, 2016

Dears badoo team ; you deducted from my mastercard 5402-3683-3368-5018 an amount of 69. nine JD jordanian dinar x five times by mistake as the amount should be 6. 99 JD x5 times only this is big mistake and this is not the first time i get such mistake with badoo. I tried to contact the help desk number, but never i got answer. Just auto reply message. I sent complian using the feedback form and not sure they will help. I do not trust badoo any more. Please fix this problem ASAP you can contact me at +962795259940.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 249320
EricaDec 27, 2015

I am Erica a transgender woman. I live in holland and my badoo have Been block for no reason. People report me man homophobia do not want to see me the report and cours me for no reason. And you people have blocked my profile. Well thanks for hating me and taking advantage of me.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 248917
Charles OlukoleDec 23, 2015

I am making allegation against the unauthorized money deducted from my account, this is not right because I should be asked if the subscription should continue, but because you have the details of my card, you took the subscription without being informed. Please can you refund my money back into my account, otherwise legal action will be taken against you. Please can you cancel my subscription. With thanks.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 248291
Nabeel RajaDec 16, 2015

This is the second time I have had to message you, please can you stop automatically charging my PayPal account for super powers. I have no interest in your service you have charged me four weeks in a row. Please can cancel any automatic PayPal payment from - www.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 246790
MichaelDec 03, 2015

Good afternoon, This is not a complaint as such, but rather a request for assistance. And as I am unable to find any other customer service email address for badoo, I am compelled send my correspondence via this channel. I recently subscribed to the SUPER POWERS feature, but find that I am unable to email people without using additional "coins". As I subscribed to the SUPER POWERS feature in the belief that I would be able to do so, I did find that rather perplexing. I also found that in using "Featured now""Rise Up" and "Add shows in encounters" it appears that I am being charged more than once before the feature will take effect. As stated, this is not a complaint, more a request for assistance. I subscribe to badoo and am happy to do so as a long-term commitment, though this has (at present) rather put me off subscribing to the VIP Service (which I had planned on doing this week). Best wishes Michael Henderson.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 246773
Donal HanlyDec 03, 2015

I want to delete my account, but it will not let me. Every time i put in my Badoo password its coming up as wrong password. I initially logged in and the password is fine. Please can you help me. I have tried calling the help line, but offices are closed.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 245851
Favour Ejiroghene GabrielNov 25, 2015

Please l try to scroll up to print all my conversation with my woman since 2012, but we cannot. My woman and me are now living together and we want to print out all our conversation since 2012 for our living together procedure as prove of relationship. Can badoo help us please

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 243811
Pwb Den OudstenNov 03, 2015

Unfortunately I have no access to my Badoo-account. A mobile phone number is required to verify my account. But I have no mobile phone. I was billed this week € 11, 99 for Super forces and I do not get access to my account. That is very customer unfriendly. I do not think this a good recommendation for Badoo. Regards from one unsatisfied customer, P. W. B. Den Oudsten.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 237124
CharlesSep 01, 2015

Good day. I am a member of Badoo Charlz by name each time i subscribe for the weekly plan you deduct and no access is given to view people that liked me and for me to display on the wall. Kindly look into it and revert. Thanks.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 231135
Ellie CunninghamJun 26, 2015

You have taken 19. 99 out of my account when i specifically asked for the weekly payment of £3. I need that money returned IMMEDIATELY. I did not authorize that amount to be deducted from my card. I am happy to pay a one off fee of three pounds for the week so I need 16. 99 returned. I have already left a message on your answerphone. 07852218788.

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 225974
Geoff ClarkApr 17, 2015

This is not a complaint, but could you help or put me in touch with someone who can When I enter my son's name and home town )Paul Clark Wickford)into Google, Badoo comes up with him as a first choice. He took his own life back in November and it is upsetting that he is still on BadooI do not know his password, but the email address he registered under would be either or He was Paul Clark, born on 4th August 1984. He died on 18th November 2014Can you please help me to delete his accountKind RegardsGeoff Clark .

Badoo Uk Customer Service Care Phone Number 223335
MattMar 26, 2015

I had an account with badoo for a couple of weeks signed up for a weeks subscription of super powers cancelled it then deleted my entire accounted with badoo and have just found out that they have been continuing to Bill me for the account which I do not have apple have verified this yet badoos contact information to talk to somebody are bogus I DO NOT RECOMMEND this site to anybody too many fake profiles scamers and poor services your details will be shared and pictures stolen for use by scammers again DO NOT USE THIS SITE

Customer care female
molly sobralskiMar 05, 2015

hello, my name is Molly Sobralski and i am messaging you in regards to my fake account my ex boyfriend had set up. My name on the profile is Molly Sobralski and it states that i am in Plover, Wisconsin, USA, i would like this name on the account or any other account with that name permanently deleted. once deleted i would like to receive an email confirmation that it has been deleted. thank you and have a great day! molly.

Customer care female
KimDec 28, 2014

After spending two hours setting up my Baddo account and paying £19. 99 by PayPal for so called super powers I then get an email saying I was scamming someone who, I talked to a few girls, but nothing of money or scams so why was I blocked? Because I am blocked I can not get a refund or sort out my profile as I can not get entry, I have contacted PayPal and said I was scammed out of money and want a full refund.

Customer care male
TerranceDec 23, 2014

Hi, this is not a complaint, but asking for your help. I've been using Badoo for many months, but recently It asks to verify my profile. I entered 418-263-8101 But I have not a cell or tablet so I can not receive the SMS message to complete and go on badoo. I did verify with my Facebook. How to go back online?Terrance.