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4401 Eucalyptus Ave., Suite 120, Chino, CA. 91710, USA.cs@tmaxdigital.comwww.apexdigitalinc.com

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Apex Television Exploration

Apex Television is a product of 'Apex Digital' company. Apex Digital is an American company. This company manufactures consumer electronics. Head office of the company is situated in California state of United States. This company faced bankruptcy in 2010. Now this company is operational as TMAX Digital Incorporate. All the products of the company are available on affordable prices. Company has special research and Development team to deliver the best electronics products to the customers. Customer support number is available from 7am to 9pm(CST). Apex is a manufacturing company of electronics and the accessories related to products. The products that are manufactured by the company are mostly HD Televisions, Tablets and other electronic products. The electronic company always strives to produce the affordable and highly workable Televisions. Apex deals in the production of both Liquid-Crystal-Display Televisions, as well as Light-Emitting Diode Televisions.

Customer Contacts Of Apex Television

Apex Television assures all the possible customer services through established channels. The company has devised various channels to facilitate customers. To connect with Apex Television do use following numbers:
Mailing Address: 4401 Eucalyptus Avenue, Suite 100 Chino, CA 91710
Phone Number: (909) 923-8686
Support: (800) 284-8828
Alternative for General Inquiries: 1877-833-1888
Email ID: cs@tmaxdigital.com
Note Timing: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Features Of Apex Television

Apex Television contains all the latest features that aids customers to receive clear picture quality and resolutions. Beside this the company provide Apex Television digital converter box. Apex Digital TV Converter Box helps to render digital channels to customers with ease. The box allows consumers to record any live program and then rewind the same whenever a customer desires. Apex Digital TV Converter Box also allows users to search for desired programs and also empower them to save videos, as the box has inbuilt data saving capacity.
The box also has features that enables customers to set different alarms that consists of sleeping modes and many time alarms. Apex Television Digital box also has USB ports that empower users to connect drives and enjoy audios and videos.


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Apex Television User Queries

Apex Television Customer Service Care Phone Number 241532
Juan TejadaOct 12, 2015

I have a digital APEX DRX-9000 which has never been used for possible defect in the power supply. Could you tell me how to get the diagram or service manual of the DVR recorder/player?If this have a cost, as it is? Thank you.

Customer care female
GloriaOct 09, 2015

We purchased the APEX Model LE2412 TV less that two years ago and it will not turn on. We had the power cord tested and there is no power going through the cord. It is costing us $28 dollars to have the cord replaced. Will this happen again?.

Customer care male
Alan MiceliSep 10, 2015

I have a 19 inch Apex digital LCD TV model number le1912. I need to replace main video circuit board part number 1202h0105. Are they still in services and where can I buy. Thank you.

Apex Television Customer Service Care Phone Number 230521
Phyllis I. ScottJun 17, 2015

I bought two televisions of the Apex brand. Both have lost picture, but still have audio. The first one I shipped back to you and you gave me a new television because the defect could not be repaired. Now the other is doing the exact same thing, audio, but no picture. I do not believe I will be buying any more of your product.

Customer care male
Brian BensonMar 31, 2015

This company does not offer support for the products that are sold with their names on it. I have a model LD4088 LCD TV and they offer no help in solving a problem. Instead, they send you to a fictional company called kcpi, phone number 909-861-2929, which can not be contacted. Go to kcpi web site and it is a go daddy site with no information on it. This is totally unacceptable. I will contact the MN attorney general's office and file a complaint against them. Maybe they will no longer be able to sell products of questionable quality which they refuse to support.

Customer care male
Radio ShackFeb 20, 2015

Apex 32" TV wont turn on. Blue standby light comes on,, but thats it. No noises, clicks, buzzes, or burning smells. No visible damage is present. Any thoughts?

Customer care female
Stacey WatsonFeb 10, 2015

Bought 13 Tvs in Sept 2014 and already three have broken I do not know if I have a faulty batch, but am really disappointed this should not be happening, they are in a motel and are not used on a regular basis like they are at home

Customer care male
Scott CameronDec 20, 2014

I bought a 19 inch Apex LCD TV for my mother-in-law less than two years ago and now it will not turn on. I have tried plugging into other outlets and pressing the power button on the unit and nothing at all happens. I looked up the customer service phone number on-line and was told to call a different number. When I called that number I could not understand a single word the person was saying.

Customer care male
Dennis McbrydeDec 05, 2014

The remote control on my Apex digital converter box 008-07-1670 has gone out. The converter itself works fine, it's simply the remote won't do anything. And it is not power because I changed the batteries twice. I remember others posting about how they were having problems posted about these remotes. Is is possible to get a replacement?

Customer care male
Ted TarantoSep 25, 2014

The picture on my ld4086 TV is not correct. It is in zoom mode in all four picture settings. Each setting presents a different format, but all have too much zoom. Heads and faces are cut off at the top and bottom.

Customer care female
LindaNov 20, 2013

My apex TV that i purchased last November at the giving sale at target gets lines thru the picture then the screen goes black, but there is still sound. You have to turn TV off wait a minute then turn back on, Works for a little bit then blacks out again. This TV was only you ed from giving, Till April, We are snowbirds.

Customer care female
SueOct 07, 2013

I have an APEX TV that has become locked? The remote is not working to unlock it, anyone know of another way to remove the parental lock from it? This is very frustrating and I haven't done anything different when turning the TV on/off? I do not have the owners manual as I have had the TV for about ten years. ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Customer care male
RonSep 07, 2013

No complaint just need a new controller for an APEX 46" LCD TV LD 4688. My daughter got us a RUKU and we have Direct TV. Our problem is we cannot switch from HDM1 to HDM2 and vice versa.
We cannot locate our original controller and I think the controller is necessary to accomplish this.
Let me know the cost of a new controller and I will order one.

Customer care female
Tamika JohnsonAug 29, 2013

I am using my mother's computer, I do not have access to a computer...My problem is that I have lines through my television and it keep shutting off, stating no single. I haven't had it a year

Customer care male
tomJul 29, 2013

I have an Apex TV AT2002 and it will not turn on. I took it apart and noticed that the fuse( 125v 4amp) was blown so I replaced it. when I turned it on nothing happened and the fuse was blown again. How can I fix this and is it worth it. thanks