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Akron Beacon Journal Exploration

Akron Beacon Journal is an award winning newspaper in Ohio United States. The Newspaper is published by Black Press Limited. It is circulated throughout the state. The Newspaper has mainly focused on local news and business. It is the only daily newspaper, published in Akron city. Akron Beacon Journal was started in 1897, when Summit Beacon and Akron Evening Journal are combined. The Newspaper was purchased by Charles Landon Knight in 1903; it was renamed to Knight Ridder. The Knight Ridder was purchased by The McClatchy Company in June 2006. The Newspaper is rewarded with four Pulitzer Prizes. Akron Beacon Journal was rewarded with 56 awards for its performance in 2012 in various categories such as breaking news, food writing, columns, and many other. Its online portal has been serving the community since 1839. It is the oldest operating business in Summit county. Akron Beacon Journal circulates more than 87,700 copies Monday through Friday; more than 107,800 copies on Saturdays and approximately 125,000 copies on Sundays. Moreover, its online news portal is visited by thousands of people.

Customer Contacts Of Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Beacon Journal can be reached through following channels:
Subscription and delivery questions: 330-996-3600
Email ID: circservice@thebeaconjournal.com
Local News Tips: 330-996-3530
Beacon Journal Retail Advertising: 330-996-3410
Picture Desk: 330-996-3887

Major Sections Of Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Beacon Journal publish data in different categories that consists of following:
  • Daily News: This section of Akron Beacon Journal contains news and reports about daily happenings that includes politics, economy and security. This section also publish data about the international politics.
  • Sports: Akron Beacon Journal publish data about sports events of world. This section comes also covers all the covers all the international events of sports. The sports section also carries interviews of famous sports persons.
  • Entertainment: Akron Beacon Journal also provide all the information about the show buzz. The section also provide information about new releases.
  • Living Styles: Akron Beacon Journal also publish information and data about the daily life style that contains news about fashion and health.

Classified Advertisement Policy Of Akron Beacon Journal

Akron Beacon Journal provide space to commercial adds on the different pages of newspaper. The newspaper has devised a policy about publishing adds in different categories. To know more about the add policy of Akron Beacon Journal do visit the link: http://ohio.kaango.com/

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Akron Beacon Journal User Queries

Customer care male
Frank PinturSep 09, 2016

The delivery of my paper has been missed two times this week. When I called about it on Wednesday September seven a copy was delivered within an hour. When I called this morning friday September nine I was told a copy could not be delivered. I not sure what the problem is, but it needs to be fixed and fixed quickly. Why do I pay for delivery if it can not be delivered?.

Customer care male
Don SvedaJul 03, 2016

As of 10:30am we still have not received our paper.

Akron Beacon Journal Customer Service Care Phone Number 246743
Kenneth H. PharesDec 03, 2015

Good morning. Once again, I scan the Beacon Journal for any significant coverage for the Mogadore football team. Once again I'm thoroughly disappointed in the lack of coverage you provide for a Summit County school playing for the D VII State Championship. Your obvious lack of coverage is very apparent and very unprofessional. I pick up the Canton and Cleveland papers and lo and behold - their sports departments apparently feel our local school playing for the State Championship is indeed news worthy. I even scanned through the Record Courier and they continue to provide full coverage on par with the coverage you afford Hoban, St V and Stow. I've picked up your paper on the way to the office every day for the past 22 years. That stops today. I'll invest my money elsewhere. A former customer. Ken Phares136 Seymour Ave. Mogadore, Ohio 44260.

Akron Beacon Journal Customer Service Care Phone Number 244231
Brian CorderNov 07, 2015

It's 9:30 a. M. On Saturday morning. November 7th. Still haven't received my newspaper yet. I am a weekend subscriber.

Customer care female
Melissa A KonicAug 30, 2015

I was told that I wouldn't get money taken directly from my account if I got a trial subscription over a year ago. I was told that a paper would be brought to me that day if one was stolen, because of where I live. I wanted it place IN my screen door, but it was not. I have accepted all these things for too long my paper is being stolen by an early riser and I am paying for it. I want a refund I want to cancel. I liked my paper. I feel violated by such a stupid theft. I'm on a fixed income. I do not drive. I liked the Sunday paper most because of store advertisement.

Customer care female
Deborah BroderickMar 21, 2015

Response to every number was terrible. I just want to update my credit card info for automatic renewal. I called at 4:40 on Friday March 20. 330-996-3600 message said ABJ was closed. 330-996-3530 said they close at 6:00 M-F dial 0 to leave a message, but then said I could not leave a message. 330-996-3410 said ABJ closed at 5:00 M-F, but I could not leave a message. This is messed up Just look at your chart. I'm surprised you make it so clear the 0 problems are solved after callingDeborah Broderick 30 Morning Song LaneHudson, OH 44236330-650-0308.

Customer care female
Deb HanawaltMar 19, 2015

I did not receive my paper today. Called when I got home from work to have it delivered to fin customer service closed. Really. Guess I go buy a paper. Terrible service.

Customer care male
Thomas MyersMar 11, 2015

we did not get the Beacon nor the Gazette today.

Customer care male
William BarryMar 02, 2015

Your phone system will not accept my complaint. I did not receive Sunday's(3-1) paper. Please credit my account. 3474 Edgewood Dr Stow, Ohio 44224. (330) 688-3979.

Customer care male
Emanuel EckerMar 02, 2015

We did not receive a paper today and the response was to call back tomorrow.

Customer care male
Charles HibbsFeb 28, 2015

Did not receive the delivery of my Ny times, why received the WSJ instead.

Customer care female
Linda RobertsFeb 24, 2015

I was promised three continuous weeks of credit on my Akron Beacon Journal and spoke with several people about the problems in getting the weekend papers. But, you have still charged me the full rate of $8. 75 with NO credit. Please, correct this problem. Thank you.

Customer care female
Cindy DatkoFeb 15, 2015

I understand there was a problem this morning (Sunday) with the paper. Your message said it would be delivered by 9:30 am, but it 12:41 pm and we still do not have a paper. I'm not the only on on this street that didn't receive a paper. This is not the first time we had to call about the paper in the last couple of months. I'm hoping this matter gets resolved soon or I might consider stopping it all together. I have be receiving the paper for the last 26 years and hate to do that. Thank you for your time.

Customer care female
Marge McendreeFeb 14, 2015

For the second time this year we did not receive our daily paper. On 2/13I left an automated message and was told we would get it on 2/14. Didn't happenWe have been a continuous customer for over 50 years. I was not happy that the missing paper was not here this morning. What is happening to the service level? I assume our account will be credited. Roger McEndree 15391 Gates St Doylestown OH 44230 330-658-6610.

Customer care female
Shirley AshbrookJun 03, 2014

Once again we did not receive our sunday (6-2-14) newspaper. If we did not want to receive the thing we would not pay in advance. Not such a good showing for a newspaper losing customers right and left do not you think?

Shirley ashbrook
520 wild cherry lane
Doylestown ohio 44230.