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 : +44 20 3027 7900
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About Agoda Malaysia
Agoda is a website that offers special hotel booking deals and is a leading online hotel booking company, that specializes in hotel reservation at lower prices. It has a large network of more than 1,60,000 hotels worldwide. It is operating as a subsidiary of an Australian travel company Priceline.com since November 2007. The website was founded in the year 1998. Priceline is headquartered in Singapore, the hotel reservation company has presence at many locations across the globe including Hong Kong, Australia, India, Thailand, United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom etc. The company's website is available in 38 languages and its staff consists of about 1,200 professionals. Agoda.com is visited by average 85 thousand people every day. The website is available round the clock and access to online hotel services is enabled everytime, people can inquire about anything like checking hotel rates and booking status, cancel booking and more. Since its establishment the company had acquired many small companies to expand their own business and become reachable to most of the people of the world. Agoda Malaysia is also the part of Agoda that takes care of the Malaysian operations. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Agoda Malaysia service center is given below. The helpline of Agoda Malaysia service center may or may not be toll free.
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Contact number
+44 20 3027 7900
Office Location
8th Floor, The Gardens North Tower, Lkr Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
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Complaints and Reviews of Agoda Malaysia
Male ImageMr. Chang Hoon Leng Says Nov 11, 2013

Why I can't sign in to my account in ENGLISH version, but only in Bahasa Malaysia is allow?

Why there is a pending reward points 18,518 still did not cerdit to my account.

Please revert soonest.

Thank you.

Male ImageMr. NANTHAN MANUEL Says Oct 31, 2013

Booking id i have been trying to postpone or cancel my hotel booking through your website but a message says we are sorry, But the current status of your booking does not allow you to use this function of agoda self service. I also understood that the first nights charges would be forfeited, But the cancellation says that the would be no refund. Would appreciate your clarification and assistance asap. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. ms ooi Says Oct 30, 2013

Kindly please be informed that i did'nt received any email about my hotel booking voucher from Agoda. Maybe i have used wrong email,please sent to me the hotel booking voucher to yengkwangyeoh@yahoo.com.my. My ID No :38493762. please reply (urgent).
Female ImageMs. noorulazwa ayuni Says Oct 29, 2013

I made a reservation at Pulai Spring Resort suite for 2 rooms & 2 nights from 3-5 November 2013 but your book confirmation no 38456068 received from 4-6 November 2013. The payment had charged to my credit card. I even cannot call the resort. Please reply soonest possible. Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Lily Chey Says Oct 28, 2013

Please refer to my booking ID number is 38228249 for hotel sun inns kuala selangor. I had make the booking few days ago, but i have not received my hotel voucher until today. could you please check and reply me by email? Thank you.
Female ImageMs. Alilah Says Oct 22, 2013

I did not received email confirmation for hotel booking booking id 38166914 even after 2 hours waiting. Please response urgently.
Male ImageMr. mawardi Says Oct 18, 2013

Dear Agoda
Pls resend me the booking voucher for Federal Villa Langkawi dated 17 Oct 2013 to rizwadi_99@yahoo.com.
Booking under Mohamad Mawardi bin Abdul Rahim 810507-07-5429
Urgently need this to present to hotel
Male ImageMr. matthews nachimuthu Says Oct 17, 2013

Dear sir I place a booking tune hotel in Jln. Tuanku Abdul Rahman on the 12th october 2013,I did not receive the confirmation and the hotel vaucher the boking ID 37706927 card No.6853 check in date 24th Oct.chech out 25th oct 13. the payment has been made through my credit card. kindly reconfirm and do the needfull.thany you
Female ImageMs. jayesree veerasamy Says Oct 16, 2013

i didnt receive my booking voucher for hotel sentral, kuantan, pahang made on 15/10/2013 at 6.25 pm fot hotel sentral, kuantan. hotel didnt receive it too but credit card was made payment. kindly refund.
Female ImageMs. Tan Hooi Cheng Says Oct 15, 2013

- bath room floor,of both rooms, is wet after each shower; housekeeping not able to solve problems.
- bath tub is too high from floor level;
-not friendly for pregnant mom who needs help in and out of shower.
Female ImageMs. Sales office Says Oct 15, 2013

Dear Agoda Customer Service Team,

Warm greeting from Romance Hotel, Hue, Vietnam.

Could you please advise us contact person who in charge hotel partner in Vietnam (not Thao or Quoc)?

Please send us email to sales@romancehotel.com.vn

Thank you for your kind support always.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback soon.

Best regards,

Romance Hotel
Male ImageMr. Jorge Vaca Says Oct 06, 2013

we have a Liis Banus from spain in our Apart hottel in Santa Cruz Bolivia. Our company name is Apart Hotel Premium Suites

We explained you that the bank systems don't let us to charge credit cards codes... so you charged all the Luis Banus's booking but our hotel don't recive any money.

banus have to leave this monday, so if we don't recive the full payment we will call a police and mr. banus can not leave our Hotel.

if you want to resolve the problem contact us as soon as posible

Female ImageMs. Hotel voucher in patong Says Oct 04, 2013

Hello..I have problem with my payment..when I check, my payment was charged 2 times..my booking id 37238396.. Please give a feedback in my email nabila_tower09@yahoo.com
Female ImageMs. Tee Chin Yin Says Oct 02, 2013

Please be informed that I still not yet received hotal booking voucher from agoda. My Booking ID : 37075360 dated 29/9/2013.My email : tcy-88@hotmail.com.Thank you.
Male ImageMr. anshul jain Says Sep 29, 2013

hi there,
i am anshul jain,today morning booked hotel in KL .id no 37061881.i mentioned in form that i need extra bed and was written there that this price includes extra bed.i paid the amount and after recieving the reciept found out that there was no extra bed included. kindly solve my problem, as i will be travelling with two kids ,i dont want any kind of problem there .
also kindly suggest the way to reach the hotel thru monorail.
anshul jain.
Male ImageMr. Anthony Manuel Says Sep 25, 2013

To whom this may concern:

My name is Anthony Manuel and I am an agoda member.

Someone has been using my credit card to make reservation to Agoda Hotel in London. This happened 3 times already and my credit card has been credited.

The dates are as follows:

5th June 2013- RM 1267.77
6th June 2013 - RM 992.09
21st August 2013 - RM 138.00

I visited London once only last year and haven't gone or purchased anything since then! How is this possible? I have cancelled my credit card yesterday due to this.
I have also spoken to my bank and they are conducting an investigation now.

Kindly contact me for further clarification on this matter as I do not wish to drag this any longer!

My mobile : 6 012 5078737

My spouse's mobile : 6 017 3958737 ( Mala )

I do not have agoda's contact number in Malaysia , therefore I am sending you this complaint in the hope that someone will give me a return call.

Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Joseph Says Sep 24, 2013

Dear customer care,

Please be informed that how can I get the garanty from you if we already booked the hotel . We worry that when we arrived in the hotel which we have booked , the hotel doesn't have our reservations and they just say we are sorry . And how can I contact you when we are getting some problem with the hotel about the reservation issue. Whether we have to pay it again or we will be loss my money ?
Please advice.

Thank you.
My Email : joseph.theo@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. Harudin Mj Says Sep 24, 2013

Kindly be informed that I still not received my hotel voucher for Baron Hotel Langkawi . My Booking ID No is 36809923.
My email address - harudin.mj@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Ba Beanat singh Says Sep 17, 2013

I have several times request for an email to me regading my booking id no. 36343107 from the 17 oct to 21 oct in jakarta.

Ihave fail to recieved the email of my booking voucher. My email is bindhaliwal@gmail.com.my
Male ImageMr. Bin Dhaliwal Says Sep 16, 2013

Pls note that i hv. Not received an email on my booking. My booking id is 36343107..4 night stay in jakarta from 17 october to 21 october.
Male ImageMr. Kelvin Lu Says Sep 12, 2013

If I have without booking...how do I contact agoda???i had done a booking on last week...and until now I even not yet get any information..and I already sent four email to agoda....but didn't get any reply....what going on now???
Male ImageMr. Kelvin Lu Says Sep 11, 2013

I was booking a hotel via agoda on last week...and after my booking,until now I haven receive any booking Id and information from agoda.. And I already sent four email also haven get any reply....can u tell me how to do???my email is kelvinquan_0407@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. WEI CHUANG CHUAH Says Sep 11, 2013

My booking ID is 35559364, my check in date is 7 Oct & check out date is 11 Oct in Marrison Hotel and the payment had been made. I would like to check out earlier one day which is 10 Oct,the charges for one night is it will refund back to my card after i change my booking date in agoda self service?please reply asap.
Male ImageMr. Abdul Rahman Says Sep 08, 2013

My booking ID 36085830 . I went to the apartment but the door was closed. The owner call me and apologised to me due to the miscomunication and agree AGODA to refund me back my money. AGODA can contact him for the confirmation. I made a police report today as i think i should not be charged as this is not my mistake.
Female ImageMs. Ms Lee Says Sep 06, 2013

I booked Lexus Service Suite (booking ID:33913143 check in:9/8/13 check out:10/8/13 ) but received a call from Agoda (03-22986650 - 8/8/13 16:05) told that the room at Lexus Service Suite got some problem. After that Agoda offer me extra one night and will get 10% discount on next booking. Please send me e-mail how I use this offer?
Male ImageMr. Ng Says Sep 04, 2013

To whom it may concern
I need an urgent call from you as i want to speak abt my bad experience in sydney recently.
Female ImageMs. ginny soh Says Sep 04, 2013

need to cancle booking .JUST 4/9/2013..traver date 20/10 to 23/10 2013 .booking no 35921108 .VS hotal .need to cencle but
forgot email password
Female ImageMs. Rosnani Says Sep 04, 2013

Made booking ID No. 35839152 on 03 Sept. 2013, have not received hotel voucher. Please send asap as I need to check in 05 Sept. 2013.
Male ImageMr. Zamri Nasiri Says Sep 03, 2013

Refer to booking number 35559158. I am Zamri Bin Nasiri (IC: 721001015299) want to cancel my booking immediately because my company already booked one apartment for my family
Male ImageMr. Dr M Prasada Rao Says Sep 02, 2013

We have booking Ref ID No. 34901081 want to postpone the Booking from 18.10.2013 to 20.10.2013
Could you help me in this isuue Pl... What is the procedure and other terms and conditions. Let us Know
Female ImageMs. Lisa Ong Says Sep 02, 2013

Dear Sir

Booking ID No. 35815600
I have just made a booking for 13/9/13 - 16/9/13 for Corpthorne Hotel in Penang. There is a typo mistake should be 13/12/13 - 16/12/13.

Kindly advise how to cancel it.

Awaiting for your prompt and urgent reply.

Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Omon Says Aug 25, 2013

I do not remember making online purchase, dated 04May2013 favoring Agoda Hotel Reservation London for RM301.60 equivalent
Please reconcile against my credit card details as follows:
Card numb 5222 2200 0126 4295
Issuing Bank UOB
Expiry Date January 2018

Thank you.

omon bin main
Male ImageMr. sundar Says Aug 16, 2013

good feed given from frustrated people booked in agoda,i was about to book through them to malaysia,,,had to revert my decession to avoid frustration...
Thanks all for the feed back.


Male ImageMr. Georges Mourad Says Aug 14, 2013

I made a new booking and did not received my Voucher after 30 minutes, maybe i have used awrong email? please check this booking ref: 34763680 (visa last 4 digit 3444) should be sent to georgesmourad001@gmail.com.
Female ImageMs. rachel Says Aug 13, 2013

is it possible to advise how to use the reward point to redeem for the hotel which i need to book for my holiday? Is there any contact number that i can call?
Male ImageMr. Mr Jim Says Aug 13, 2013

Kindly please be informed that i still didn't received
any email about my hotel booking voucher from agoda.
My ID No. 34281213.
Female ImageMs. Lim Yee ling Says Aug 09, 2013

Ive just made a booking at Vio Durapati, Bandung from 30/8-2/9. However, I just got to know that my friend wanted me to book Amatis Hotel, Bandung instead on the same date. I wonder if it'sossible to change the hotel since the booking has just booked only 30min ago?

Your prompt advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Yee Ling
Female ImageMs. yap kwee lan Says Aug 06, 2013

dear sir,
I have made a booking to slipi Hotel Jakarta on 11 July. But until today i have not receive any hotel booking voucher yet.

I have check with my credit card bank, the payment has charged to my credit card

please advise what shall i do now.


janice yap kwee lan
Female ImageMs. sharon Says Aug 01, 2013

Good evening, I searching for the hotel at Bali Indonesia name is the tusita hotel i not very sure that the total i have to pay for two rooms with extra beds. It is RM758.04 x 3 night, pls reply asap
Male ImageMr. Erik Rous Says Jul 30, 2013

I paid Agoda with Paypal, but the hotel did not recieve a reservation.

Reservation made; Parkland Hotel, Camaron highlands Malaysia.
Name: Erik Rous

Transaction: €43,98
Female ImageMs. shiha Says Jul 24, 2013

kindly please be informed that i still didnt received any email from agoda. My booking ID number is 33571291.
from 24 to 29 july 2013
stay toningt...urgent
Female ImageMs. Chan Su Mei Says Jul 16, 2013

Pls refer my hotel booking at Munlustay 88 Hotel Penang on 11 July 2013, the booking date should be on 14th Nov, 2013 to 16th Nov, 2013, your book confirmation no. 33103825 received date shown 14th July 2013 to 16th July, 2013 and payment had charged to my card RM 330.00, pls check my booking rate is RM 207.00 2 night on 14th Nov 2013 to 16th Nov, 2013, I wish to stay in this hotel on Nov not this month, I am not understanding why the date had been change to this month, pls double check immediately, your attention is much appreciation, thank you

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