Adp Ipay Customer Service Number

 : 1800-422-9409, 1-800-225-5237
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About Adp Ipay
Automatic Data Processing, Incorporation (ADP), is a company of business freelancing alternatives. ADP is also a company of incorporated processing solutions to automobile, heavy truck, motorbike, marine and rv traders worldwide. ADP was recently listed as 47 on Computerworld's Nineteenth yearly list of the 100 Best Places to Work in IT 2012. The Organization's operating sections include: Company Solutions, Professional Company organization (PEO) Solutions, and Supplier Solutions. In Apr 2012, it obtained the hr alternatives additional of SHPS, Inc. It is also a provider of computing services. Automatic Data Processing corporation was founded in Paterson, New Jersey, United States. Carlos Rodriguez is the President and CEO of the company. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Adp Ipay service center is given below. The helpline of Adp Ipay service center may or may not be toll free.
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Contact number
1800-422-9409, 1-800-225-5237
Office Location
71 Hanover Road Florham Park, New Jersey, United States
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Complaints and Reviews of Adp Ipay
Male ImageMr. Vijay kallepally Says

I am unable to reset my password. I'm getting the message contact ur adminstrator. Please help. I can be reached by mailing me to vijay1980@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. LaShantay Green Says

I was never sent the email to reset my password for adp and I need to print some pay stubs to take care of some business feel free to have someone contact me at 772 882 0346 this is urgent! Thank you!
Male ImageMr. LaShantay Green Says

Once again i haven't received an email for my password reset and am very upset and a bit ticked so if someone could email me at thelordsangel07@gmail.com that would be nice im running out of patience and time once again i need to download paycheck stubs for urgent business. Or once again feel free to call me at 7728820346. Thank you..
Male ImageMr. Robert Rose Says

Having a problem with my password not working, we were asked to change our password every three or so months for security reasons and i haven't used my account for atleast 3 and a half months and dont remember my pass word in order to see if they are taking out child support like they are supposed to could you please call my number to verify any information so that i can reset my pass word my number is 859-444-1564 and my name is robert rose. thank you
Female ImageMs. Marg Says

I cant pull my w-2 (2012)because I never received a pay stub so I don't have the control # or wage amount
this is urgent --tax extension filed---
Female ImageMs. shilpa Says

I am unable to reset my password. I'm getting the message contact ur adminstrator. Please help. I can be reached by mailing me to shilpapulagam@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Russell Lowery Arnold Says

My password has expired and tells me to talk to my employer. The person I have to talk to is on maternity leave. I can access my pay check stubs at all. Please help me and contact me. My telephone number is 256 706 2526. I work for adcare heal th for Attalla Nursing home and Rehab in Attalla Alabama...
Female ImageMs. mary Says

Trying to get into I pay....misplaced user id and password to get into Ipay...saying information is incorrect please email me at sandiebeach61@aol.com or call at 484 424 2484

Thank you
Female ImageMs. TinaLouise Preziosi Says

I Have registered for ipay acct and when I log in they keep telling me no vouchers available. I am being told it is an error in verification can someone please help delete so I can re-enter or something our payroll administrator is on vacation till 6-17-13. Thank you
Male ImageMr. Matt Says

Im an employee with Nemith motors in Latham NY, Ive spent an hour now trying to contact someone in your customer service to help me log in, I've been having trouble for a long time no matter what my employer does. Im very frustrated with your customer service because its next to impossible to get a human being on the phone. To be honest its the worst customer service automation I've ever heard and hangs up you without warning. I cant look at my check so I need to go back to paper statements because I need to see them. Please contact me 518 221 2706...Matthew J. Ward
Male ImageMr. suzette Says

To whom it may concern. Need help to retrieve my pay stubs for the past 30 days. Need soon as possible. I have locked out, due to not putting in wrong security questions.
Male ImageMr. Victor Bartolotta Says

I'm a registered user of APD ipay. I can't reset my password nor do I remember by username.
Would you please help? you can contact me at 415 420 7627 or vbartolotta@yahoo.com.

The "forgot your username" page is not working for me. It always says I've not entered required information even though I filled every field.
Female ImageMs. Jean Messeih Says

I forgot my password this am at work. You sent me an access code to my email address. I went back to the site, typed in my name and used the access code in place of the password. (There were no instructions on how to use it!) Obviously that was not the way to use it b/c I was denied access for having got my password wrong too many times. This is very annoying. My email address is: jmesseih@yahoo.com Please tell me EXACTLY how to access my pay slip info by re-setting my password. Thank you btw: What is a "Good Name"??
Female ImageMs. jenniferispissed Says

Can't log in. can't reset. can't do shit. customer service call number is useless. i don't even know if this is gonna work but god dammit i need to see my pay check information asap. so if someone see's this that can help me out please email me as soon as you can. please . very important. jenniferpedone@aol.com
Female ImageMs. Tara Johnson Says

I've been trying and trying and trying I cannot get through to check my pay stubs it's getting very frustrating
Female ImageMs. FMuhammed Says

I have been having a problem accessing my paystubs online for weeks i called my employer n they couldnt help me. I spoke to an adp rep named karin and she couldnt help me either. The computer teels me access is denied my employer told me to put n my email to get the temp password but the system gives me no option to do so. I have been trying to access my paystubs i need for my college appointment this monday july1st. Please help the system will not send me a text forthe temp password. Ur message board lets me know its not just me so... Please help us.
Female ImageMs. Immaculee Says

I can't open my account on ADP iPay.I forgot the the password and secret questions. Can you help me to re register again, I need to check my pay stubs.
I can be reached on indagijimana0002@kctcs.edu
Male ImageMr. ray richardson Says

i cant log in to my ipay account..it wont send me my or user id my phone number is 9012814161 my email is rkellymyboy@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. latoshia hensley Says

I keep getting the message contact administrator and I need to print somw check stubs. Could someone please contact me at 859 629 5439 as soon as possible.
Female ImageMs. Melissa Walker Says

i need a password reset and user id i no longer work for my employer and they keep sending it to the old employer email which i have no access to. so please call me at 9374094830. my name is melissa walker. thank you.
Female ImageMs. Ashley Says

roughly every other week when I try to view my stub I have to reset my password, this time I've reset my password 3 times and I still can't log in. Can someone please let me in?
Female ImageMs. juana patricia gonzalez miller Says

I cannot be reset into the system . My old email adress is mot longer valid. I cannot get info about what my user id or my password was...please contact me with my info to jpglezer@hotmail.com
Female ImageMs. Ursula Says

Cannot access ipay account. Security questions were old and told need to register again due to layoff from employer. The company is using same questions which I cannot recall and employee payroll has sent me temp password to reset it cannot get past old security questions. Have done this 8 times. Some help from your company would be nice. No one ever assists.
Male ImageMr. jeremy Says

I am having problems resetting my password on adp. I forgot one of my security questions and now I have lock myself out. If you would please help me oyt. Email jeremy.abner@yahoo.com
Male ImageMr. JJTWW Says

I need to register for Ipay but have misplaced my first pay-stub so don't have all of the info necessary for registration. Need pay-stubs ASAP for some financial work.

Male ImageMr. Yugandhar Says

I am not able to see my last/old pay slips in the portal.Please reach me for your queries.

+1 (630)-641-9903
Email : Yugandhar2020@gmail.com
Male ImageMr. Ed Hallwood Says

When I click on the pay date link, the screen comes up blank. This began with my pay dates from 2 weeks ago. I already have the adobe version downloaded on my computer. I thought maybe it had something to do with viewing the website from my favorites list, so I typed in the ADP IPAY website address in the browser, but I'm still getting the same blank page when I click to view the pay date page. I need help...my employer is not helping me!
Female ImageMs. kandyse Says

I am unable to get my password and its saying the answers to my security questions are wrong, they are not, I know thenames of my maid of honor and best man, my job says they cannot help. This is urgent I need my check stubs!!!! Please email me at kromero0828@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Atreyee Pal Says

When I click on "Forgot my password" and put my user id , it is showing "Account has been locked. Please try later."
Female ImageMs. TAbitha Says

I cant get my check stubs!!!! I am unable to reset my password and user id!!please contact me tabithagchandle@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. Kcullens Says

Need to get pay stubs from a former employer. keeps saying wrong password . Could someone contact me asap at kycullens15@yahoo.com
Female ImageMs. Rebeca Says

I need to print my paystubs NOW I have tried to get an access code through text and email and never got one. When I answer the personal questions it says I don't exist at all. Can someone contact me ASAP and/or reset my password for me!? 402-805-8546
Female ImageMs. Cynthia Says

I am an employee of ACEUSA and need to have my password reset. The iPay system is advising me to contact my administrator. My email address is cynthia.turner-thomas@aceina.com and my telephone number is 215-640-1148.
Male ImageMr. John Says

Can't login to adpipay tried to reset my password does not like my security questions answers you can contact me at 203 -994-6559
Male ImageMr. Jeff Brinkman Says

Username/Password will not work even after resetting and trying multioke times. Need to speak to IT Support, but there is no number on ipay Web Page. When calling iPay 1-800-225-5237, can't reach agent
Please call my cell 404-861-0105
Male ImageMr. Abdul Ahad abaw Says

I am unable to reset my password. My password expired . I'm getting the message contact ur adminstrator. Please help. I can be reached by mailing me to ahadabawi@hotmail.com. Thanks
Female ImageMs. Shelia gresham Says

I am having problem login it keeps saying its not the right right password but it is please call me at 856 520 3584
Thank you
Female ImageMs. Tiffany Boyd Says

I'm unable to reset my password. I'm following the correct procedures It's stating contact administrator, and the password is not going to my email.I really need my July 2013 check stubs. You can reach me my email address tboyd3@yahoo.com, or my phone number 6625629700.Thank you
Male ImageMr. JT Says

Mr. John Toomata,

I always try to use the online reset and the answers are correct that I enter. But the system does not acknowledge
the information. I never receive the reset email because my email is john.toomata@amec.com and my user name is
JToomata@amecearth please let me know what the problem is.
Male ImageMr. Phadindra Pokhrel Says

I'm unable to log in in to my pay stubs.when I try to log in in my iPad it shows the message like 401 excess denied can u plz help me to fix that problem u can send the suggestion in my email I'd. Is pphadindra@yahoo.com
Female ImageMs. Pamela Says

I am locked out of my i-pay account and I forgot my password. My answer to my security question is not working!!!! please unlock my account and reset my password and send to pamella259@gmail.com
Female ImageMs. R Says

I signed up for direct deposit but


Male ImageMr. barry c Says

i cannot reset my password name email clemson88us@yahoo.com
phone number is 7708648085
Male ImageMr. Hari Jakkula Says

I am unable to self register although I got Self Registration Pass code: Capgemini-Inc
from my organisation.Co Code: 3N5.
I get an error message that my company is not registered in the records.
Female ImageMs. Kathy Says

I work for 3 employers who use adp yet I can only see paycheck info from 2 of them. Can someone help me find out how to see my paystubs(I have direct deposit) from the employer not included?
Thank you
Female ImageMs. Carolynn Podlewski Says

I worked for United Solar Ovonic which has gone out of business. There is no one I can contact regarding my problem. I need a copy of my last paycheck. If there is some way I can access ipay I could print it myself.

Please contact me at lenpod@wowway.com
Female ImageMs. Tewanda25 Says

Everytime I login it says that there are no check stubs or vouchers available for me. How can I get my paystubs?Email me back at Tewanda.smith0203@comcast.net
Male ImageMr. Kenneth Frye Says

BEYOND FRUSTRATED !! I hate the system. Did the reset for my password and I forgot to write down what I changed it to. The page that has the security question I need to get in has the wrong information and even the page that does the verification won't let me in. I've used every id information that my wife and I can think of but no go.
As far as I can find out, we don't have an administrator to contact. Should be in the usag4s system.

I just need to get my paystub and this could be a problem when tax time comes as well.

Please send information to new email address greatkw@lycos.com.
Male ImageMr. Raja Says

I am unable to login ADP iPay using my credentials. Getting an error "problem verifying your credentials". I was able to login even last week and credentials are correct.
Male ImageMr. Dave DivetoD Says

Please contact me ASAP as My ADP iPay account has been fraudulently accessed. I was notified to contact SDP Security Services Immediately, spoke to some named Karen on Monday but have yet to get a resolution. I will file a police report of I can not get ADP to respond. Please contact me. Thank you.

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