AL Rajhi Bank Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of AL Rajhi Bank is 800 122 8888 / +966 1 460 33 33 / 800 124 8880 .
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Al Rajhi Bank is among the leading Islamic banks throughout the world. The bank was started in 1957 and was combined with Al Rajhi Trading and Exchange Corporation in 1978. It was renamed to Al Rajhi Bank in February, 2006. It is counted among the leading joint stock companies across the Arab Countries, having market value of SR 6.75 billion. Beside head office in Riyadh, the bank has established regional offices. Al Rajhi Bank has established more than 500 branches and more than 3100 ATMs in the country. The Bank has also established 100 branches dedicated for ladies. It has also opened 24 branches in Malaysia. Moreover, it has operations in Kuwait and Jordan. The bank has 8400 employees and severs both corporate and individual customers. Al Rajhi bank offers various types of accounts such as Current Account, Private Account, etc. It offers car finance, home finance and credit card services. For the convenience of the customers, Al Rajhi Bank offers Online Banking, Mobile banking, etc.

Customer Contacts Of AL Rajhi Bank

Contact Number for Existing Customers
Phone Number: +966920003344
Contact Number for Affluent & Private
Phone Number: 8001248880
Contact Number for New Customers
Phone Number: 8001241222
Contact Number for Fraud and loss of cards
Phone Number: (800) 124 4455
Fax: 011 460 0705

Services Offered By AL Rajhi Bank

AL Rajhi Bank is one among the leading financial companies of KSA, that provides following services:
  • Personal Banking: AL Rajhi Bank provide various personal banking facilities to customers, that consists of saving accounts, checking system and different deposit schemes. The Bank also provide various types of loans to customers including car loans, education loan and mortgages. Beside this AL Rajhi Bank provide all types of master cards to account holders and ATM cards.
  • Co-operative Banking: The Bank provide various commercial services that consists of current accounts and specific schemes for business houses to manage financial affairs.
  • Internet Banking: AL Rajhi Bank is a modernized financial company that allows internet banking, aiding online transactions and bill payments. The bank also allows customers to use mobile banking.

Insurance Schemes Of AL Rajhi Bank

AL Rajhi Bank provide insurance schemes to customers under various plans and categories. The bank offers Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Accidents Insurance and Travel Insurance. To apply for a insurance plan with AL Rajhi Bank do, visit the link:
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What is The Official Address of AL Rajhi Bank? The Official Address of AL Rajhi Bank is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Fax No: +966 1 460 0625.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of AL Rajhi Bank? The Main Customer Service Number of AL Rajhi Bank is 800 122 8888 / +966 1 460 33 33 / 800 124 8880.

What is the Customer Service Email Address of AL Rajhi Bank? The Customer Service Email Address of AL Rajhi Bank is /

What is the Website of AL Rajhi Bank? The Website of AL Rajhi Bank is