AL Jawal Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of AL Jawal is +966 11 4525750 / +966 11 4555555 / 800 2444 455 .
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Al jawal is a controlled service, designed by Saudi Telecom Company (STC). STC is a leading telecommunication company, which provides landline, data, etc services. The Service is mainly designed for the parents to control the phone usage of children. With Al jawal service, Parents can control calling facility on their kids' mobile by specifying five dialing numbers. However, the service enables the users to save 16 numbers in the contact list; kids can have authorized to call on only those five specified numbers. Al jawal enables the parents to locate the position of their kids. Moreover, they can specify safety zone for the kids. Other features of the service include Easy to use, Battery low signal, Automatic answer, Kid's route and many others. Parents can control the kids' mobile through website or SMS. Addition to Al jawal service, Saudi Telecom Company also offers HD Voice Technology, Credit Transfer, Location Based Service, My Backup, Special Numbers, etc services to the customers.

Services Offered By AL Jawal

AL Jawal telecom company offered following services:
  • Mobile Services: The telecom company provide mobile services under various categories that include prepaid, postpaid services. The AL Jawal company also deliver mobile data services to customers.
  • Fixed Telephone: AL Jawal also deliver fixed landline services to customers. The company provide landline services to residential and commercial areas. The landline phone are equipped to save voice messages also in case subscribers misses a live call.
  • Internet: AL Jawal provide internet services to offices and residential subscribers under various plans and packages. The company also provide data services to business houses.
  • Digital TV: AL Jawal provide digital TV network to customers, on monthly plans. The TV channels consists of News, sports, entertainment and life styles.

Customer Care Numbers Of AL Jawal

To contact with AL Jawal do use following numbers:
Mobile services Contacts:
Call center: 900
Calling from different local operators: 0535000000
Calling from outside the country: +966114555555

For Other Inquiries:
Directory services: 905
Telegram services: 969
Fax: 8003030969

Landline, internet services:
Call center : 900
outside the country: +966112907907

Special Offers Of AL Jawal

AL Jawal is a customer friendly telecom undertaking, that provide various special offers to customers. The company devised plans and benefits that suits the needs of every individual. To know more about the special plans of AL Jawal do follow the link:
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What is The Official Address of AL Jawal? The Official Address of AL Jawal is PO Box: 87912, Riyadh 11652 Saudi Arabia Fax No: 800 3060 006.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of AL Jawal? The Main Customer Service Number of AL Jawal is +966 11 4525750 / +966 11 4555555 / 800 2444 455.

What is the Website of AL Jawal? The Website of AL Jawal is