AL Futtaim Customer Service Number

The Customer Service Number of AL Futtaim is +971 4-217-7777 / +971 4 208 5750 .
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The Al-Futtaim is a group of companies, operating in UAE. Formed in 1930s, it is recognized among the most diversified groups across the world. The Group has more than 40,000 employees. The Al-Futtaim has set up its head office in Dubai, UAE. It consists of more than hundred companies. The Group has eight divisions and has the operations in automotive, electronics, insurance, real estate and some other sectors. The Importance of The Al-Futtaim can be imagine from the fact that it was responsible for 15% domestic production of Dubai. The group was divided into two parts in 2000. Abdulla Al Futtaim took the business of automotive and retail and his cousin took the business of property development. Prior to division, the owner, Abdulla Al Futtaim is the 287th richest person across the world, according to Forbes. At that time, he had total assets of $3 billion. After division, the owner become 804th richest person across the world. AL Futtaim service area covers area of Greater Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Europe. The Company also services through two subsidiaries known as Kolber Geneve and Westar.

Important Contacts Of AL Futtaim

To connect with AL Futtaim do use following numbers:
Telephone Number: +971 4 208 5750
Fax: +971 4 256 5582

Business Area's Of AL Futtaim

AL Futtaim is a multinational, corporate that operates in following areas:
  • Automotive: The corporate woks in the international market of automobiles. AL Futtaim has setup many automobile companies all across the globe especially in middle east.
  • Retail Marketing: AL Futtaim is a known name of retail marketing as the business house runs many retail brands of different products. The corporate has retail dealers located in different parts of world.
  • Finance: The corporate house also does business of finance all over the world. The business house has many finance companies under the corporate umbrella.

Career Opportunities With AL Futtaim

AL Futtaim as mentioned is one of the leading corporate house of world, thus provide ample employment opportunity to talented and skilled individuals. The corporate house offers jobs in different sectors according to the qualification and corporate rules. To apply for a position at AL Futtaim do visit the link:
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What is The Official Address of AL Futtaim? The Official Address of AL Futtaim is 28th Floor, Festival Tower, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Fax No: +971 4-227-0994.

What is the Main Customer Service Number of AL Futtaim? The Main Customer Service Number of AL Futtaim is +971 4-217-7777 / +971 4 208 5750.

What is the Customer Service Email Address of AL Futtaim? The Customer Service Email Address of AL Futtaim is

What is the Website of AL Futtaim? The Website of AL Futtaim is