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STC is officially known as Saudi telecom company. Saudi Telecom Company telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia which provides landline, mobile and internet services. Saudi Telecom Company was founded in 1998 and having headquarters in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Aziz AlSagir is the chairman of the company. It is the major Saudi telecom company. The company provides many products including Fixed line and mobile telephony, Internet services, digital television. Saudi Government is the owner of the STC telecom company. Axis Communications and Maxis Communications are the Subsidiaries of the that company. It is the leading and famous telecom company in Saudi Arabia. The postal and official address, email address and phone number (helpline) of Stc Riyadh service center is given below. The helpline of Stc Riyadh service center may or may not be toll free.
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Complaints and Reviews of Stc Riyadh
Male ImageMr. Syed Raziuddin Ahmad Says Sep 16, 2014

My telephone 011 4896095 is dead since last month. Please try to solve my problem.
Male ImageMr. Syed Raziuddin Ahmad Says Sep 16, 2014

My telephone number 4896095 is dead since last month. I am unable to complain because i do not have landline connection. Please try solve the problem.
Syed raziuddin ahmad
Female ImageMs. Rohaiza Says Jul 13, 2014

Hi, My name is rohaiza. My account number is 2003630245.
I have already paid my payments. Kindly assist to reconnect my services as soon as possible.
Male ImageMr. Basha Says Jun 13, 2014

Sir, I need to change language arabic to english. All message is coming in arabic i cant understand.
Male ImageMr. Jerson Bernas Says Jun 02, 2014

Dear sir, I would like to inform that we do not have skype connection in our place here in old al kharjs new industrial exit 16 riyadh. 2 to 3 weeks until now we have poor internet connection for skype. Please kindly check sir because we cannot skype our family in the phil. Thank you and have a nice day.
Male ImageMr. Francisco Ranera Says Feb 13, 2014

Dear sir, on august 2013 i have called stc to cancel my dsl and land line # 4820805 due to transfer of residence and paid the total bill cost of sr 460. 00. From last year i have purchased stc wifi 3g sim card for internet. But to my surpprised i found out that i am being billed for the last 5 months of non-usage of dsl and land line services. You can check my record my iqama# is 2027452628. Please i request your goodselves to look into this matter and i pray that i should be free for this burden of paying this bill. I am your loyal customer and i using stc al jawal sim and 3g wi-fi. Thank you.
Male ImageMr. abdullah n ali Says Oct 06, 2013

my phone line is dead 2 hours ago and my internet connection also I call 906 and they said within 2 days they will send tech to my home
how is that happen this was the second time the 1st time occurred 13 month ago when my phone number transferred to someone
big query for big company?
Male ImageMr. abdul rasheed Says Oct 06, 2013

respected sir ,
i have a complaint to informing you regrading my mobile connection .today i wrongly activated an option that i don't need. jest before 5 mint i called to your customer service no:909 fro my mob no:0537430206. the person who attended my call he asked me to wait a while and asked me to stay on the line. and he return back to the call and said that to call in the morning. i am not asking him to deactivate it from there. jest asking him to give me the deactivation code.but i think he is in a sleepy mood and don't giving th proper replay. please take a action or call me back to this number
Male ImageMr. erhill agito Says Sep 30, 2013

i used quick net internet connection a months ago and had cancelled it about 4 months ago on STC office and paid all remaining balances, but surprisingly there was SAR 641 balance unpaid again after 2 months later, why there's a balance again despite of cancelling connection the line already cancelled it?
Male ImageMr. Kallappa Ramappa Jeeragal Says Sep 28, 2013

Dear Sir,
My name is Kallappa Ramappa jeeragal and my mobile number is - 0506617536 and staying at Riyadh. I got STc Sim before two months so now every week 5 Riyal is deducting so kindly stop this and remove all the services except phone calls and SMS. Please remove all other services immediately to avoid the deduction of balance of every week. I hope you will do the same.

Male ImageMr. abdelhak Says Sep 26, 2013

numbre phone : 0552996166.i have credit but i cant make call or sending sms.i just recieve them. Find me a solution or call me.best regards
Male ImageMr. Mohammed Naimuddin Says Sep 22, 2013

I have taken STC number at riyadh airport.
For Document, I have given my Passport. Now I got my aqama. how should i recharge my STC sim. my STC number is 0508601392.
Male ImageMr. Manuel M Metiam Says Sep 20, 2013

my bill is not yet reflect to my account how can i pay the amount of SAR 126.03.If still not yet forward to my account.The STC in fisaliyah give me five days to pay to my bill so that my line is cancel but until now not yet reflect on my account.This is my STC account# 2008777759 pls forward now so that i can pay.Thank you
Female ImageMs. Heather Collier Says Sep 19, 2013


I hope you can help. I am living in the DQ in RIyadh and bought the STC router on Saturday. I am having problems with internet connectivity dropping or not being able to load web pages. Please can you help.

Thank you
Heather Collier
Male ImageMr. Vengail madhu nayanar Says Sep 19, 2013

Dear Sir

My landline number is 0114772123 .

Today I get the message that the line is disconnected for nonpayment of dues .

I have already paid my last bill without any delay.

Please restore the connection.

Best Regards
Male ImageMr. jibril Says Sep 15, 2013

With out my permision there is 6 stc gsm numbers attached to my ID number in my name I donot know the users Of those six numbers how ican cancel their number.please improve your sim card service security and risks.
Male ImageMr. Dudi Ruswandi Maulana Says Sep 10, 2013

Dear Sir,
Some one using my Iqama Id to get new SIM nos. Without my permission. I got only one SIM, my SIM no.0535392745 and i am checking by 9988 to 902(STC)then i got message someone get 8(eight) SIM card, the number is 0532603564, 0532603142, 0532603351, 0532603255, 0532603384, 0532603161, 0532603275, 0532603577. Please cancel those nos. I don't want have any problem in the future.
Thank you.
Male ImageMr. Khalid Says Sep 09, 2013

Dear Sir, Asalamualikum,

My Internet Service Number 148384087 and Account Number 2019667696.

I have registered my net on 29th April 2013 and my Package is 99 SR + 20 SR per month, but unfortunately first time I have receive 215.85 SR , second bill I receive 170 SR, after that I have register complaint via STC office with Complaint register no. 5802668 dated 08-07-2013 next day receive STC message in that given assurance that agreed & it should be solve, After that I have paid bill 385.86 SR.

I expected that extra amount paid that shall be deducted in further billing, but unfortunately I have received two bill 119 + 119 = 238.10 SR this bill also Paid.

Since 29th April 2013 to 01st September 2013 Paid 623.96 SR (for Four & Half Months). Paid 90 SR extra than actual.

Hence I request you that please deduct the extra paid (90 SR) amount in next / further bill.

Thank you.

Syed Khalid Farhat Ahmed,
Mobile - 0535079310.
Female ImageMs. Sha Says Sep 07, 2013

mobile number is 0552949824 it's been barred for 2weeks now and I don't know why. I can't do outgoing calls and messages. I've been to customer service in Batha yesterday but said they're offline. what's the customer service number that I can contact with?
Female ImageMs. Asma Says Sep 06, 2013

Assalam sir, whenever i call or message someone they say that "your barred bcause u have no service".I recently recharged my sim by ten riyal.After recharging also they say the same.Please can u say what is the problem. Please i need help...
Male ImageMr. Sulthan H NIJAMUDEEN Says Sep 04, 2013

Dear sir my mistake transfer to anther number (0559226367) SR 50 ON 03/09/2013.
COMPLAINT NO: 95589227073

Male ImageMr. SIRAJ Says Sep 03, 2013


Male ImageMr. siraj Says Sep 03, 2013

my cell no is 0559766043 is not working computer is telling dat you are bared you have no service
Female ImageMs. Chel Says Aug 29, 2013

why my number is barred when i make outgoing call?i didn't do anything on my cellphone last night and the operator said also that i am out of service.
Female ImageMs. fatima khan Says Aug 26, 2013

I Want Remove Sim Cards From My Iqama Those Sims I Don't Have.Some One Using that sim by my iqama I must cancel those sims from my iqama.tell me easy method from online service please
Male ImageMr. Mohammed Abdul Rauf Says Aug 25, 2013

Dear sir,
i am mohammed Abdul Rauf my mobile number is 0552088024 last 10 days i cannot making outgoing calls,please i kindly request to you give me outgoing call facility ,

thank you.
your subscriber
Mohammed Abdul rauf
Male ImageMr. Mohammed Abdul Rauf Says Aug 25, 2013

Dear sir,
i am mohammed Abdul Rauf my mobile number is 0552088024 last 10 days i am cannot making outgoing calls,please i kindly request to you give me outgoing call facility ,

thank you
your subscriber
Mohammed Abdul rauf
Male ImageMr. MOHAMMED VASIM KHAN Says Aug 18, 2013




Male ImageMr. Ihsan Ullah Says Aug 17, 2013

Name Ihsan Ullah Qadar Khan
Dear sir:
i have a SAWA number 0551156329 ID no 2307880894.
now this number is off and i want to active again please helpe me.
OR email me methods Ihsan_kpk@yahoo.com
thank you
Male ImageMr. Rasheeth ali umartharagan Says Aug 14, 2013

Dear Sir some one using my Iqama Id to get New Sim nos. Without my permission. I got only one Sim.my sim no.0554728474. And i am also checking by 9988 to 902( STC) i got message someone else get two sim card.the No is 0550211226 and 0536463770. So pls Block those nos. I dont want any proplem in future. Thanking you if you take action immittatly.
Male ImageMr. Mike Garcia Says Aug 14, 2013

One of our Company purchase A AFAQ Wireless, and we are facing trouble of sending and recieving emails, because we find out Ip address (PORT81) was not open for doing transaction, we would like to request for a support.
Male ImageMr. dawas Says Aug 07, 2013

my land line is complaint 3days know somany time s i complaint but until know not clear.. no tele phone 2423020.
Male ImageMr. muhammad ilyas Says Aug 05, 2013

dear sir ,assalam alaikum.i recieved call from this no (0508390452)and he with his saudi friend ask me that u won 200000/sr stc lottery to get this money pls send us 6000/sr sawa card to get this money.sir how thse people getting our sim and all call,sms,and other history and sim id no.to blackmail us.i also have his iqama no (2340299326).kindly trace these numbers and punish them to save stc fame.
Male ImageMr. Mohammed rafiq Says Aug 04, 2013

when i will open my mobile at that time phone is asking Puk Code.then how to solve this issue
Male ImageMr. MMMMMMMMM Says Aug 04, 2013

AOA Every one i was on vication and before i go vication i make pakege for incoming call per pakege i pad 30SR
but after i come in my home county i cant recieved any call from my firend only out going is working
its very bad Services STC
Male ImageMr. rahmaan Says Aug 04, 2013

sim not phone modelx405 net work wifi worging is good mobile data on but not web pages not open youtupe not open
Female ImageMs. Kris Says Jul 31, 2013

I dont have outside call but i can receive incoming calls. I still have 40sr mobile balance
Male ImageMr. bonifacio gimbas Says Jul 30, 2013

sir gud p.m my mobile number is not working no signal..ill call ill text no sent.my problem is only my sim card.my number mobile is 0507675689 pls help me..thanks
Male ImageMr. SYED KAMRUDDIN Says Jul 29, 2013

Male ImageMr. asif iqbal Says Jul 28, 2013

i always receive mesg from stc that i did not pay my landline bill. luckly i dont have landline number. i dont understand why this msg comes to me. best regards.

Male ImageMr. mohd rashid ansari Says Jul 23, 2013

i am mohd rashid ansari i purchace a new stc sim card normal,25 sr,from stc shop riyadh,i am give iqama id and i want my old nomber ,but 24 hour before no working my sim card,pls just start my nomber 0535427108
Male ImageMr. dennis ferrancullo Says Jul 22, 2013

Good day sir! I'm dennis ferrancullo,sir can u help me with my problem regarding with my stc sim. its almost two weeks from now..and still I cannot send a text message to my family in the philippines and even to my friends here at saudi arabia..I can make only a call..thank you ,,,,hopping for your emediate response. By the way this is my no. 0556854926
Male ImageMr. sudania Says Jul 22, 2013

Dear Service Provider,

Our landline 0112631346 is dead since morning, i think that problem is from STC side.
Kindly resolve the problem ASAP, because our effecting due to this phone line,

Male ImageMr. rashid Says Jul 20, 2013

dear sir,
i am rashid mohammad.
my iqama nimber is 22909750008.
i am using stc service,my mob number is 0535412821,before two days you have stop my services .i would like to apologize because my mistake i have done wrong pin two times so that's why you block my stc sim card.i am very very sorry.i have my correct pin code.so i hope yu starts my services sooon.
Female ImageMs. JOANNE Says Jul 17, 2013

I lost my blackberry, I would like to use my same number. what is the procedure please. I understand, I need to go to the Main sales office, but what are the operning hours for Ramadan. I have tried ringing STC but noone can give me an answer. PLEASE REPLY TO MY QUERY.. MY PHONE NUMBER IS 0530934361
Male ImageMr. Ali raza asif Says Jul 16, 2013

hi sir
we have our stc broad band internet..sir few days our net is not working good,spme time signal lose.some time.no itnernet access.and some time red light on on iternet loss.so its a bad for our compan and our workes,so plz send your engenier for slove techinal problem.i really thank full to you,plz solve our internet problem.
Male ImageMr. Anand Says Jul 14, 2013

Dear Sir,

Our Tel Bill No.4790714 A/c No.0185994589 has been paid. but still the line is not working.


Male ImageMr. muhammad nadeem Says Jul 09, 2013

respected sir
aslamo alikum sir i already register my complain 038127814
billing after my line is disconnected.27 my i call 907 to disconect my line. from 907 say that first pay your bill than call me . than i pay my bill 321sr . 907 and 906 confirm me that your line now disconnect . in june also i recive bill 250sr which one i also i pay . yesterday i again see bill 365sr and my line is working. please check my record i don,t touch line from last 1.5 month i never use.how my billing 038127814 countinew
Male ImageMr. abdulla Says Jul 09, 2013

i have a stc internet simcard,now a days this sim not working,before 3 month,i got msges from stc thats u r no changed as 966831044781192.
i have balance morethan 10 sr.plz help me
Male ImageMr. JASEER Says Jul 08, 2013

Male ImageMr. Mark Says Jul 08, 2013

Dear STC,

almost 1 week we don't have internet, your telephone operator always telling to wait but unfortunately and already 1 week still they didn't fix the problem regarding our internet. please can you help us because some of our job is pending due to this.....how many more days or week we shall wait to fix this problem sir. please we need your help & action. Thanks

this is my telephone # 112261256

this is my CP # 0546557678
Female ImageMs. Rechelle Mae Pacis Says Jul 04, 2013

I can't reload my stc number.

My number is 0503853575

Please help me..

Coz I don't know where is ur. STC office.

Shukran katir
Male ImageMr. gul amin Says Jul 02, 2013

dear sir
when I want to dail any number it say that "sorry you are avoid because you have no service".
my number is of my own eqama and expiry is in 27 july.what is wrong with my number.
my number is 0538602933
Male ImageMr. DEVENDRAN RAMANUJAM Says Jul 02, 2013

my SIM CARD asking PIN number. But I dont have. Please unlock. My Mobile Number is 0505221065
Male ImageMr. DEVENDRAN Says Jul 02, 2013

My mobile asking PIN number and I dont have the PIN number. Please help
Male ImageMr. Asif Islam Says Jul 01, 2013

Dear Sir,

I had requested for Internet Connection about six/seven months ago. DB outside my home was checked for connection availability. That was the only day that STC technician came to me, after this, neither the technician came nor was I provided with any connection facility (No Modem, Telephone Set ect). I made too many calls but nothing happened. Eventually, i called STC supervisor (who sent the technician to check the line availability) that i dont need the connection now. But when the month was over, i was sent with monthly bill of 256 SAR. I made too many complaints.
Female ImageMs. Yosha Says Jun 29, 2013

My sim card is blocked.
nUMBER IS : 0559372798
Please unlock it.
Male ImageMr. alameen Says Jun 26, 2013

my not out going call pls help my no 0552726480 pls help
Male ImageMr. mohammed masiulla Says Jun 24, 2013

dear sir yesterday 23-june-2013 06:40:11pm coming messages four more sim number successfully registered but Idont now whos pertions sim numbr please deleted extra all number my original mobail number is 0502571700 thnkyou.
Female ImageMs. Jennifer Says Jun 19, 2013

hi good day, why I cant call or send a message..every time I dial a number to Philippines or her in Saudi it says SORRY YOUR BARD BECAUSE YOU ARE NO SERVICE....what is the problem of this?please I need help...I need to call to my family...hope u understand..thank u...hers my mobile number 0558036003.
Male ImageMr. FAZALURAHMAN PATTIKKADAN Says Jun 13, 2013


my sawa sim Another handset Not used ...Why not...?

my already used nokia 3110c ..pls check my accounts what is a problems i am wait fore you..my no.0501511756 , sim code no. 899660134002355474
Male ImageMr. FAZALURAHMAN PATTIKKADAN Says Jun 13, 2013

Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear Sir,
i am fazalurrahman, my already used 5 years stc sim {0501511756} but my problem this sim not used ?Another Phones ..... What is a problems....

I mentioned my sim back said ltr 899660134002355474
pls help me...
Male ImageMr. khaz Says May 05, 2013

My email below is since april and nothing has happened except emails that no one is calling me to set up the new line in al-masif. Can you please get some one to check the request number below which has been pending for a while?

From: service@stc.com.sa mailto:service@stc.com.sa
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:24 AM
To: Khaz
Subject: Create new landline

Dear Customer
Your request has been received.

Request No.: 113182078

You will be contacted once your request is processed.
Male ImageMr. David Bennett Says Apr 25, 2013

Dear Sir's,
I recently opened a new account with STC and recieved a set of 3 x SIM cards and also opened Blackberry Service with STC. My STC mobile number is... 0550015889. My name is David Bennett, Head of Marketing at arab National Bank.

I just arrived UK on to find the STC Mobile number does not work on roaming? This is very difficult as cannot use mobile essential to business.

It would be very much appreciated if you could please activate roaming urgently and confirm via SMS to the 0550015889 when it's done. Thanks. David :
Male ImageMr. rodrigo tequillo Says Apr 25, 2013

My acct. No. Is 00964964330 all account has been paid. I want my internet and telephone to get connected.

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