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CHAMPVA stand for Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs, is a extensive healthcare program in the United States. The CHAMPVA is situated in Denver, Colorado, USA to provide health care services with eligible beneficiaries through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Besides this, with help of same department it also provides the Children of Women Vietnam Veterans (CWVV), Spina Bifida and Foreign Medical Program (FMP). CHAMPVA's foundation was put in 1636 in the United States.

VEC Central Office

703 E. Main St
Richmond, 23219

Office Locations And Contact Numbers Of Champva

People can feel free to contact on the below quoted office locations and contact numbers of Champva:
Idaho Division
351 Collins Road, Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-780-1300

Lewiston Division
821 21st Avenue, Lewiston, 83501
Phone: 208-750-3600

Pocatello Division
1957 Alvin Ricken Drive, Pocatello, 83201
Phone: 208-235-7800

Boise Division
320 Collins Road, Boise, 83702
Phone: 208-780-1600

Social Media Sources Of Champva

People can directly know about Champva and its bulk range of service via its familiar social networking sites that includes as:
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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1358
Richmond, VA 23218-1358

Services Of Champva

  • Champva nourishes its members with a bulk range of benefits that includes as.
  • Disability Compensation and Pension.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.
  • Home Loans and Insurance.
  • Headstones Markers and Medallions.
  • Burial Flags and Burial Allowance.

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Champva User Queries

Customer care female
Rebecca MullinsNov 03, 2016


Champva Customer Service Care Phone Number 256441
Jennifer FortneyMar 03, 2016

Your provider line (800)-733-8387 has been busy for weeks now. I cannot get through. Other providers are having this issue also.

Champva Customer Service Care Phone Number 244092
Robert FilberthNov 06, 2015

I need to know if I buy OHI will that impact my spouse's (wife) eligibility for Champva? I am the 100% service-connected veteran and I use the VA for all my health care needs. My wife uses MEDICARE and Champva. I want to buy private health care insurance for me, only, not my wife. I need to know before I purchase my OHI. (210) 496-5796.

Champva Customer Service Care Phone Number 244068
MelissaNov 05, 2015

How are we supposed to get thru to get claim status if we are unable to get thru? The phone number has been busy for the last month. We are getting complaints from our patients and our providers as we have outstanding balances that we have no payments for. Please advise as what needs to be done.

Champva Customer Service Care Phone Number 243670
Joe-vet-on-hold-againNov 03, 2015

Champva is a joke. Like most other "benefits" which turn out to be phantom. Every Vet that graduates - the VA get s bucket of cash. They get the money whether you use any "benefits" or not. There is a direct incentive to NOT provide you these "benefits" just look at the fking Lexus lineup in the "administration" parking spaces at any VA facility. They milk us like chattel - and you have to beg hundreds of clueless bureaucrats to get care. This is criminal behavior in my opinion and needs to be prosecuted. The Champva terrorists terrorize us by making us answer name rank serial kids name address shoe size - then when you want any info from them - system is slow - down. Its been YEARS and still no Champva ID cards - ON HOLD again with these assholes - sorry for the french, but fk I'm pissed. Most give up - not me - I will run up their dam 800 bill this month for sure.

Customer care female
PatSep 30, 2015

It has been 30 days and I still am not referred to a Pulmonary, by my NP, and Champva Share Program for the wive of a Veteran. I keep hearing when i do make contact, "Well your not a Veteran so you can not go to the VA Clinic" Yes I know this and I have been told they will outsource me to a Pulmonary. No one calls me back. I have been on oxygen for more than 30 days and do not know if I am suppose to try and ween myself off of it. I have no instruction nor and calls back I am so fed up with this program. We the wives can take care of our disabled husbands, but do not get treated with any respect, nor get the care after being released from Hospital with "Follow up with Pulmonary doctor ASAP. 30 days I am still no where. I called Dr's on my own and they all need a referral I called back to the NP office at the VA and they say what are you calling us for. Yes she did forward that in her notes to the VA SHare Program call them. NO HELP.

Customer care male
KimSep 17, 2015

Sounds like all the complaints are the same, no one can get through to 800-733-8387. A website like would be helpful to assist with this problem. Or, offer another phone number for IVR inquiries only. I recently spoke with a rep who said their system changed to a web-based program and they do not have enough bandwidth to support all their users. I spent at least 5-8 minutes per claim waiting for the system to load.

Customer care female
Delora GriffinAug 14, 2015

My mother is in the hospital and they have been trying to get ahold of Champ VA to get the ok to put her in nursing home for therapy and recuperation. The numbers they have no one will answer the phone or the email comes back to them What number to they call to get ahold of anybody.

Customer care female
KimberlyAug 14, 2015

Trying to get through on the phone is like pulling teeth from an elephant and dont mention trying to find a working phone number i am calling from a physician's office and its impossible to get through for my patients.

Customer care female
Laura BandyAug 12, 2015

I have been trying to reach Champva for two days to no avail. The recording for 1-800-733-8387 continuously states "all circuits are busy now" please try your call later. I need assistance with getting my medications. I sent in everything requested and now I am being told that there is a block on my account and I must talk to someone at this number. Please help. I suffer with Polymyositis and need the meds as soon as possible. All help is certainly appreciated.

Customer care male
Rebecca Luman, RnAug 10, 2015

I work at a hospital and have been trying all morning to get through to the Champva line for providers with out success (800-733-8387). Only getting a fast busy signal. I have a patient who has been admitted to our facility and need to complete notification. Please advise on how I can do this if your toll free number is not working. Any suggestions?Thanks.

Customer care male
Roger OlsonJul 31, 2015

I am a veteran with 100 percent disability my wife is enrolled in Champva we have sent in all receipts for medical bills my wife is approved payment back to 2012 now its been over a month of waiting to get paid from champa try to call and the recording says all lines just a lot of BS it is very frustrating.

Champva Customer Service Care Phone Number 231506
Boyd PalmerJul 02, 2015

First they tell me fax it. It will go through faster. I call after 3weeks and they say never got it. Now they say send Reg. Mail did Now they say I have to wait another three weeks to see if I have to do all over again. All this makes no scents.

Customer care male
George GerrardJun 10, 2015

Called in to see if (when) insurance cards for George Gerrard (233-80-2933) and Brenda Gerrard (234-84-7124) would be delivered. Brenda is in need of her insurance very soon for medications. please notify George Gerrard asap @ 304-694-3995. thank you.

Customer care female
Gillian BordenJun 02, 2015

You can NEVER get thru on the 1-800 . 733-8387. It says all circuits are busy. No other phone number in any page on the web site is available. We have a claim issue that cannot be resolved until we talk to someone. Borden Physical Therapy, 520-884-0001.

Customer care female
VeronicaJun 02, 2015

I am sending this from a providers office. I have been trying to call for two weeks and the phone keeps saying that due to heavy call volume no one can be reached. I am trying to check on a the status of a claim.

Customer care male
CindyMar 13, 2015

After calling this number four times yesterday and two times today, I am put on hold to speak to a Representative for at least 12 minutes EACH CALL and your phone automatically hangs up on me. I am needing to get out patient physical therapy benefits for a patient who is scheduled for next week. Is there another number to call?